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How To Save Money and Keep Cool This Summer

Last updated on July 22, 2020 at 04:12 pm

Feeling the heat from your soaring energy bills? You can rest assured — we’ve rounded up some simple tips to help keep you cool without spending a fortune.

  • Change Your Filters: It’s obvious but many homeowners forget this critical step. Just like your car’s air/cabin filter, your home’s blower unit has a filter as well. Changing this regularly will put less stress on the motor as it tries to pull clean air through the filter. Plus filters are cheap and regular changing will help prolong the health of your unit.
  • Ceiling Fans: If you have them, use them. If you don’t, think about installing ceiling fans in the rooms you use the most. Moving air is cooling air and it can greatly reduce the workload on your AC unit keeping your bill lower.
  • Curtains: Although it might seem anti-social, heavy curtains on the windows keep the warm sun from heating up your home or apartment which will mean less work for your busy AC unit.
  • Programmable Thermostat: Having a programmable thermostat will keep you in control of your bill. This means you can come home to a cool house without having to pay to keep it that way all day. Set your thermostat to a temperature a few degrees higher while you are at work. You will be surprised by the savings.
  • Landscaping: For homeowners it is important to keep greenery trimmed and at least a foot from your AC unit. This allows for proper airflow. Also make sure to clean any dead leaves off the unit. Lastly, if possible, plant with keeping cool in mind so that your trees and bushes shade your home in the hottest months.
  • Service: Having your AC unit get an annual checkup may prove beneficial. This means straightening the fins, checking for leaks, and lubing the motor. If this sounds completely foreign to you then hire a professional. This tip can keep small issues from becoming major problems as well as help your unit run more efficiently and save you money.
  • Check Your Seals: No house is airtight but you can try. This helps both the heating and cooling of your house. The seals around windows and doors could be costing you money as they let the cool air escape or the hot air in. You can get caulk and weather stripping at any hardware store and tackle this one yourself.
  • The Simple Things: In the summer, keep doors to bedrooms closed and make sure all the vents are open. This will help keep those rooms cooler especially when it is time for sleeping. In the kitchen, keep lids on pots when cooking on the stove so the hot air doesn’t fill the house, and stop opening the oven door to check on that roast!

If you have any tips, tricks, or secrets of your own let us know. We would love to hear it. Keep cool out there!

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One thought on “How To Save Money and Keep Cool This Summer

  1. Great list, may I just add, I think everyone should have discipline first when handling money. No matter what age we all need to know that we can face a financial problem at any time. We have to set our mind into saving a percentage of our check no matter what, and to achieve this we need to have discipline other wise we’ll just form part of the big percentage of people who don’t know how manage their money and blows it up the first pay day.

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