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How to Land Midyear Teaching Jobs in NJ

Last updated on November 11, 2019 at 03:37 pm

You may have sent out resumes all spring and summer long in hopes of landing a teaching job, but haven’t found one yet. Don’t give up. Many people don’t realize that there are still opportunities for teaching jobs in NJ even though the school year has started.

Look out for these situations:

  • Leaves of Absences – Throughout the year, some teachers will take a maternity or medical leave of absence. These absences can be as little as a few weeks or even up to 6 months or more, depending on the situation. Filling in for a teacher on a leave of absence is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills to school administrators. You will be in charge of your own class and show the school district you have what it takes to be awarded a full-time “tenure track” position.
  • Midyear Retirements – With recent changes to the pension system, some teachers are opting to leave the profession as soon as they are eligible to retire. This is an often overlooked opportunity to land a job.
  • Positions in Demand – Although the school year has begun, school districts are still searching for qualified professionals in areas that are hard to fill. You may be in luck if you hold a NJ Teaching Certification in areas like: special education, world languages (Spanish, French or Mandarin), mathematics or science (physics or chemistry). Some districts start the school year with substitute teachers in these hard-to-fill areas and are still searching for a fully certified teacher.

Finally, keep your cover letter and resume ready to send, so you can jump on positions for which you’re fully qualified. While you may have missed the start of the school year, the midyear opening may be the job best suited for you. It may even end up being the one you keep your entire career. is the leading advertiser of educational job opportunities throughout the state of New Jersey. Job seekers will find openings from Public, Private, Charter and Parochial Schools as well as vacancies with Summer Camps looking for qualified professionals.

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