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How to Brighten Your Day By Putting Down Your Phone

Last updated on March 4, 2020 at 09:52 am

Putting down your phone might not be a bad idea — you might even find that it can brighten your day. Studies have linked cell phone usage to anxiety and depression, poor sleep quality, and, of course, creating potentially hazardous conditions behind the wheel. You might even avoid a faux pas by putting down your phone in social situations.

Here’s an open breakup letter to smartphones everywhere. If it sounds familiar, you may need a break from your phone.

Dear (Insert Your Phone’s Name),

Look, we need to talk. You may want to record this, because it’s serious. We’ve been spending too much time with each other and it might be time for a break.

  1. You follow me into the bathroom.
  2. You light up the bedroom in the middle of the night.
  3. You whine for attention in the car.
  4. And for all I know, you’re spying on me.

This isn’t your fault. You’re just doing your job. And you’ve done it well. You were there when I wasn’t feeling well and needed some advice on my symptoms. You got me through boredom with games that slingshot birds, gave me laughs with cat fail videos and provided a GIF for just about any situation.

No, this is completely on me. For years I’ve been enabling you. Our thing has grown into a 24/7 relationship. It’s too much.

You’ve turned me into a “constant checker.” Look it up, it’s a real thing – the American Psychological Association says so.

It’s not just me. Others are having this problem with some of your friends: reading texts while speeding down the highway, checking their email under the table at restaurants, dealing with your ringtone outbursts during the quiet part of a work presentation, and much, much more.

All of this constant checking is stressing us out. From now on, taking time apart will be a priority. We need to set boundaries. So here’s the new deal:

  • You’re cut off from the bedroom at night. You’re going to charge somewhere else.
  • While we’re in the car, you’ll either be in a work bag or in the back seat.
  • No more breakfast/lunch/dinner table for you.
  • No more bathroom. (How did this even start anyway?)
  • Those notifications? Those are being shut down. All. Of. Them.

So that’s it. We’ll still spend time with each other, just not as much. Our healthier relationship begins right now.

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