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Home Claims 101 – What to Expect When You Are Not Expecting

Last updated on November 5, 2019 at 09:43 am

Imagine it is Friday. You’re happy to be home, just got a big project in at work, and the fridge is empty; you are tired and want to put your feet up. You throw a frozen pizza into the toaster oven. Then you decide to lie on the couch and close your eyes for one minute while it’s cooking. Before you know it, you smell burning pizza and smoke, the dog is running in circles at your feet, the fire alarm is going off and the kids are grabbing your hand to run out the door. The kitchen is burning.

Plymouth Rock Assurance would like to take a moment to remind you that you are not alone. No one expects that they will experience a home loss. The best way to stay safe and calm after any home loss is to be armed with useful information on the claims process that takes place next:

  • Report your claim as soon as possible. If you are a Plymouth Rock customer, you can report it online.
  • If further damage is a possibility, arrange for emergency repairs. Be sure to take photos, keep all receipts, and inventory lost items.
  • What if the fire from the pizza made your house unlivable? Depending on your policy, you may have coverage for additional costs like staying at a hotel.
  • An adjuster will visit your home to evaluate damage. Plymouth Rock’s adjusters can work with a contractor of your choosing to secure an agreed price.
  • You may be solicited by a public adjuster offering to work with your insurance company on your behalf. Public adjusters typically charge from 3% to 30% of the settlement. There are alternatives available at no cost — including Plymouth Rock’s experienced on-staff adjusters. If you are considering paying for a public adjuster, you should first verify licensure. Read more about public adjusters.

Following these steps and understanding the process ahead of time will expedite your claim and help you get things back to normal as soon as possible. Do you have any questions or comments about home loss claims? Please share them with us below.

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