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7 Ways to Prep for the Cold

Last updated on January 7, 2020 at 04:48 pm

From bone-chilling temperatures to knee-deep snowfall, winter in the Northeast can be brutal. And while hunkering down and staying indoors until spring may sound like a great option, it just isn’t realistic. (Check out these seven ways to brighten your winter attitude.)

Before heading out in the cold with the kiddos, it’s important to put a little extra care into keeping you and your loved ones warm. Check out these tips for staying safe during outdoor, winter fun:

  1. Dress Warm – Layers can make all the difference when venturing outside. Choose slim gear for the layers closest to your body and bulk up the clothing as you move outwards. Oh, and don’t forget a hat and gloves to protect your extremities!
  2. Avoid White – Choose to be seen! Before heading outside, dress in bright clothing that easily contrasts white snow.
  3. Warm Up – Gearing up for rigorous activity like shoveling or snowshoeing? Avoid injury by warming up your body with jumping jacks or jogging in place.
  4. Protect Your Back – Shoveling and other outdoor winter activities can strain your back. Remember to always bend your knees, lift with your legs and keep the shovel blade close to your body if you’re lifting snow.
  5. Shield the Toes – Waterproof boots and insulated socks can help keep your feet warm. Prevent snow from soaking your socks by bringing your pant legs over the tops of your boots and securing them with elastics.
  6. Enjoy a Snack – Eating foods with healthy fats like oatmeal, apples, nuts and potatoes can help keep your body warm. Thirsty? Grab a thermos and take some hot cocoa on-the-go. Like to eat AND save money? Here are five ways to do that.
  7. Keep an Eye on the Old and Young – Young children and the elderly may experience cold temperatures differently than the average adult. Consider keeping these loved ones out of dramatically cold temperatures as much as possible.

The best way to enjoy (and survive) winter is to be prepared. Don’t forget your home and cars need to be prepared for cold weather too. Check out these other helpful resources:

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