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Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

Last updated on November 4, 2019 at 12:50 pm

Summer is here, which means your car is probably due for some service. Plymouth Rock Assurance recommends these tips when getting your car ready for summer:

Tire Check If you are using winter tires, they should be swapped out for your summer set. If you are using all-season tires, like most of us, a routine check is essential. Check that enough tread is left after a tough winter, and keep an eye out for signs of uneven wear or visible wear bars. If you see any of the above, replace the tire. Also, check for missing balance weights, the clip-on or stick-on lead/steel weights mounted to the edge or inside of your wheels. These help keep your tires balanced and prevent uneven wear, but can be lost in the winter. Lastly, check the tire pressure, as the air warms up, the pressure changes so you’ll want to make sure your tires are properly inflated. Don’t forget the spare!

Brake Check Brakes create a lot of heat when in use and in the winter see big temperature shifts due to being subjected to ice, snow, and freezing puddles. These shifts can cause wear or cracking to your brake pads and might even damage the rotors or drums. Take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic for an inspection before you pile on the summer miles.

Car Wash The winter is a brutal time for your car, both inside and out. Salt, snow, ice, sand, dirt, and more punish your car’s exterior as well as your interior carpets, floor mats, and more. Give your vehicle a thorough wash top to bottom, inside to out with high quality environmentally safe cleaners or visit a car wash you trust. The extra time and attention spent here will keep your car lasting longer. Don’t forget to vacuum out the trunk too! Here’s a friendly tip, since vacuum cleaners are either hit or miss, read this to insure a hit : vacuum reviews for the road tripper.

Air Conditioner If you live in this area, your AC probably hasn’t seen much use recently. Turn it on early in the spring to see if it feels as cold as it should. If not, we recommend bringing it to your trusted mechanic to inspect.

Coolant The hot summer will be here before you have time to complain about it. That means your car’s engine will be heating up and fast. It is crucial you double check your coolant levels. If you haven’t flushed or changed your coolant in over a year, it is time for a service before your car overheats on the way to the beach.

Wiper Blades Your blades take a beating in the winter. Make sure that the cold and ice have not damaged the rubber. If you notice any wear and tear, it’s time to replace the blades with new ones. If you use winter blades, change them for blades more suited to summer and the intense rain that can come from summer storms.

Travel Ready The summer is a great time for the family to travel, and a lot of road trips are taken. If you know you will be hitting the beach, consider a liner for the back of your SUV to save the carpets from sand and salt water. There are tons of other great road tripping gadgets you may want to consider as well.

And while it’s probably not on the top of your list, make sure you have adequate insurance for your car before you hit the road.

Got big summer plans for you and your car?  Let us hear all about it!

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