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Fun Ways to Fight the Winter Blues in Boston

Last updated on March 4, 2020 at 09:53 am

Last week’s stretch of winter storms – with another one on the way – is a reminder that it’s not quite time to bust out your bathing suit and flip-flops just yet. Last weekend, Groundhog Phil saw his shadow which means we’re locked into another five weeks of scraping ice off cars, shoveling driveways and that omnipresent fear of slipping on black ice.

All that said there’s no reason we need to mimic our woodland friends and hibernate until warmer days! As exciting as Boston is in the spring and summer, sometimes we forget how great it can be in the winter, too.

Time Out Boston provided a list of activities to do in Boston this winter. Here’s a summary of a couple of fun and unique things to do around the city to battle those winter blues.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine. Looking for a unique alternative to the classic dinner and a movie night out? Why not check out a comedy club and sit back and relax while local comedians dole out their best material. Live entertainment is a fun and engaging way to spend a night out. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired and become the next great local talent!
  2. Bowl a strike! Bowling is a fun way for you to get out of the house with friends without breaking the bank. Satisfy your inner competitor by strapping on those clown shoes, grabbing some friends and heading to any of the bowling alleys located throughout Boston.
  3. Get in touch with your inner Picasso. Have you ever wanted to learn a new craft? Winter is the perfect time to start an indoor hobby if you aren’t looking to venture out into the cold much. Why not test your creativity and craftsmanship by taking a glassblowing or pottery class? Getting your hands dirty could be a muddy good time!
  4. Liquid dessert. Swing into one of the two L.A. Burdick locations for a taste of heaven in a cup. Any snowy day can be supplemented by the rich blends of Drinking Chocolate – L.A. Burdick’s European-inspired shaved chocolate liquid that will put any household powdered cocoa to shame. Still need to get your Valentine a gift? Kill two birds with one stone by grabbing some other goodies after you’ve indulged in the Drinking Chocolate. 
  5. Diamond in the rough. With five floors of antiques spanning from vintage furniture to jewelry, the Cambridge Antique Market is sure to have something for you. Wander through aisles of glassware, light fixtures, and clothes as you search for the perfect knick knack. Don’t want to spend a lot of money? No problem. The Cambridge Antique Market is stocked with reasonably priced items for the cost-conscious consumer. 
  6. Get rockin’! But not in the musical sense — in the test-your-physical-strength-and-problem-solving-skills sense. It’s easy to grow slothful during the winter so fight that urge to hibernate on the couch and head to an indoor rock climbing facility! Indoor rock climbing kills two birds with one stone: both your mind and body get a workout!
  7. Flowers in winter. The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum is the physical manifestation of a woman’s legacy of travel, entertaining, and adventure. The Venetian-inspired museum houses Isabella’s private collection of artwork that she accumulated on her worldwide travels. If the timelessness of the museum isn’t alluring enough, the flower-filled courtyard gives visitors the illusion of a spring day.
  8. A Boston winter classic. Skating at Frog Pond in the middle of Boston’s iconic Commons is a must during the cold months. Bring your own skates and enjoy the beauty of skating in the heart of America’s oldest public park! Whether you’re on a date or with your family, it’s a great way to get some exercise while having fun!

For more fun and unique ideas, visit Time Out Boston’s list of things to do around the city this winter!

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