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Eight Fun Ways To Shake Up Your Easter Egg Hunt

Last updated on October 31, 2019 at 11:11 am

Are you planning an Easter egg hunt this year? If so, make your house the place to be with these eight fun ways to shake up your Easter egg hunt from Plymouth Rock Assurance that the kids will love.

  • If you’re hosting more than one child and want to make sure all your participants find eggs, color coordinate your hunt! Each child can only collect one color of egg. To help little ones remember their color, match it to their Easter basket, or give them a sample egg.
  • Try a twilight egg hunt! Place small glow sticks or glow bracelets inside colored plastic eggs for little ones to spot in the dark. For a variation on this theme, forgo glowing eggs and try a flashlight egg hunt after night falls on Easter Eve.
  • Plan a treasure egg hunt. To begin the hunt, children are given a clue for where the first egg is hidden. Once they find it, they’ll receive another clue to help them find the next egg. You can make this a competition or give each child their own set of clues and eggs. The final egg clue leads to a basket of treats or special treasure.
  • Hide a “golden egg” worth an extra-special prize to the finder! Make sure to hide the “golden egg” in a tough-to-find spot.
  • Create a scavenger egg hunt. In this hunt, little ones get a list of what each child should find¾for example: one glitter egg, two chocolate eggs, etc.  Like a regular scavenger hunt, each kid has to find all the items on their list. For added fun, have a special prize for whoever finishes their scavenger list first!
  • Try a puzzle Easter egg hunt by writing a message to your children on a piece of paper. Cut the paper into puzzle pieces, and hide the puzzle pieces in some of your eggs. Once the hunt is over, children must work together to fit together the pieces that they found individually in order to see the message. Added twist: make the completed puzzle show a special prize for little ones to share.
  • For a simple and inexpensive variation, try a “find your name” egg hunt in which each child’s name is written on one egg. The child that finds the egg with their name on it first wins a prize.
  • Final twist, have your kids hide eggs for you! Little ones will think it is fun to see you struggling to find the eggs they’ve hidden.

We hope these twists on the traditional Easter egg hunt will keep your party hopping!

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