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Eco conscious agents help improve the New Jersey environment

Last updated on November 11, 2019 at 03:45 pm

Here on the Plymouth Rock blog, we’ve already posted some articles about being eco-conscious, and we’ve mentioned some of our Independent Agents’ accomplishments in the community. We’re still proud of our agents loving New Jersey like we do, so today we’re going to reduce, reuse, and recycle those topics into a post centered on the sustainable efforts of the Ernest V. Del Duke Insurance Agency.

Mr. Ernest Del Duke is the principal of the Ernest V. Del Duke Insurance Agency, located in Cherry Hill, NJ, and an active leader of the Sustainable Cherry Hill community outreach organization.

Sustainable Cherry Hill is an all-volunteer group that provides education on recycling, energy conservation, and sustainability. They encourage people to change their lifestyles in slight ways, together making a lasting impact on environmental protection. It is their mission to bring people together to build a sustainable South Jersey.

Ernest Del Duke grew up in the Cherry Hill/South Jersey area and believes “it is in everyone’s best interest to be an advocate [for the green movement].” Whether your perspective is directly focused on the environment or on your family’s sustainable contributions, the importance of participation does not vary. Every effort towards protecting the environment makes a difference. In this case, South Jersey residents are cooperating towards maintaining the health of the community they know and love.

Sustainable Cherry Hill hosts an Earth Day Festival each April, most recently drawing over 100 exhibitors and showcasing industries actively practicing sustainability. “Exhibitors range from local growers to large farm owners, ecological car wash companies to solar exhibits, even health-oriented household cleaning products,” explains Del Duke. These last exhibitors are quite significant, as they provide insight as to why people use harsh chemicals to clean when eco-friendly counterparts work just as well and are equally available. Sustainable Cherry Hill actually has a full task force for this research. “The festival continues to grow each year not only through these exhibitors, but also through attendees, now including a nine-mile bike event with the town’s Mayor, Charles Cahn.”

The organization is Sustainable Jersey Certified, was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency on a number of events, and has a long list of accomplishments, including two sustainable business breakfasts, about which Ernest Del Duke is most excited. The Green Building/Business Task Force hosted the breakfasts, one introducing methods of sustainability, the other detailing no-cost, low-cost, and high-impact contributions. “These breakfasts gave business owners new insight into being not only energy efficient, but also ecologically focused.”  As a local business owner himself, Ernest Del Duke strives to be a conduit between the Cherry Hill Chamber of Commerce and Sustainable Cherry Hill. He recognizes that any event showcasing either business’s “green” efforts is significant to both organizations. Additionally, the first Wednesday of every month is “Green Drinks” night, when local bars host a networking meeting for businesses to discuss their sustainability efforts and concerns.

Join Ernest Del Duke and Sustainable Cherry Hill through any of the links above in the collaborative effort to maintain a healthy Southern New Jersey. What have you done to go green?

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