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Driving Stress Free 101

Last updated on October 31, 2019 at 10:50 am

Throughout the East Coast, the seasons are changing and summer just around the corner, we can all expect some road trip congestion on the roads. If you’re a Garden State Parkway rider (or travel roads similar)  this may mean a white-knuckled morning routine is about to get a whole lot more hectic.  Sounds like it’s time for Driving Stress Free 101, it sounds like it’s time for Plymouth Rock ahh…surance…

The Plymouth Rock New Jersey team is here to teach you a lesson…on stress! So even if your morning commute is about to get a lot more congested, we plan on helping you feel rested with 12 tips for driving stress free! So sit back, relax, and let us help you get comfortable…because class is in session!

  • Breakfast – Eating is like putting gas in the most important vehicle you own…you! explains that a good balanced breakfast is one that consists of carbohydrates for energy, protein for muscle coordination, and fiber for digestion. Leaving for work on fumes…will only leave you fuming.
  • Prepare – Lesson two is all about the preparation! Make lunch the night before and put your clothes together for the week. Less on your plate means less to worry about.
  • Clean – There is a correlation between stress and clutter.
  • Rest – Make a habit out of sleep. It isn’t just stressful to drive without sleep…it is dangerous.
  • Stretch – On long trips, and sometimes if your commute is long enough, it might be important that you stretch. It’s certainly important to stretch if driving is your job.
  • Breathing Exercises – Sometimes it helps just taking a moment to breathe.
  • Music – There are collections of music dedicated to making your drive a little calmer.
  • Leave Early – While we certainly don’t suggest that it is healthy to expect the worst…you should leave time in case the worst happens. Remember the early bird…doesn’t get a ticket for speeding to work.
  • Share – Share the road with your fellow New Jersey drivers. It isn’t too forward…to pay it forward! Be kind to the other drivers on the road…it could actually be beneficial!
  • Carpool – One is the loneliest number…but two…lets you ride in the HOV lane!
  • Games – Looking for different license plates or types of cars are good ways to make your morning commute a little easier. They are also good for distracting the loud passengers in the backseat who are trying to avoid going to school!
  • Know Your Limitations – Mom…Dad…I am sorry…but you will just have to drive yourself! 

Keeping calm behind the wheel is a crucial component to reducing road rage in NJ and helping all drivers get home safe. Got some stress reducing tips to share let us hear it below.

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