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Get Home Safe With These New Year’s Eve Driving Tips

Last updated on October 31, 2019 at 10:43 am

There is one surefire way to have a great New Year’s Eve and that is to get home safe. And the best way to make sure that happens is to always drive smart, distraction-free and sober. Make sure that you and your friends have appointed a designated driver, one that you are comfortable with, or volunteer yourself if that makes you feel safer. Also always keep the number of a local, and reliable, taxi service in your phone.

Of course, you could always opt out of New Year’s Eve driving altogether. Think about staying in! You can have a great time at home and not have to worry about traveling or dealing with crowds. Invite friends or family to spend the night.

You can have a great time and celebrate all night, but just make sure you are prepared for the epic night ahead. Here is a quick New Year’s Eve driving checklist from Plymouth Rock Assurance to help:

  • If you’re going out, appoint a designated driver (or volunteer yourself).
  • Program a reliable taxi service number into your phone.
  • Have a backup transportation plan just in case things get out of hand or you decide to change your plans.
  • When behind the wheel, keep your cell phone off, passengers calm, and radio at a normal level.
  • Don’t cram too many passengers in your car. It’s neither safe nor comfortable, so just arrange for a taxi instead.
  • Always wear your seat belt when you are in the car.

If you are driving on New Year’s Eve, check out our tips for nighttime driving. And, if the weather forecast is wintry, here are 10 tips for driving in snow and on ice. If you’re a Plymouth Rock customer, take advantage of the Get Home Safe taxi reimbursement program for a safe ride home. See how it works.

Have fun, be safe and kick off 2018 in style!

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