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Destination NJ: Howlin’ for the Lakota Wolf Preserve

Last updated on November 4, 2019 at 12:13 pm

New Jersey has officially thawed out! This warmer weather is quickly drawing crowds to parks, beaches, playgrounds, and boardwalks. But one place that’s at the top of my list is The Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia, New Jersey. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy nature and get a close look at packs of British Columbian, Timber, and Arctic wolves. Bobcats and foxes are also present at the Preserve.

Educational Wolf Watch Tours

Once you arrive at the Lakota Wolf Preserve, you can take the scenic half mile nature walk from the parking area to the Preserve or you can opt for the shuttle bus that’s available. Following the short walk or bus ride, you’ll be invited into the observation area located in the center of the Preserve. At that point you’ll want to stop and take a deep breath because you’ll be surrounded by four different packs of wolves. Pretty awesome, right?

Wolf Watch Tours are led by owners Jim Stein and Becky Mace who have raised and cared for all the animals residing at the Preserve. Their tours cover the social structure of wolf packs, their interaction with man, eating habits, and a variety of additional interesting facts. Having the chance to view wolves playing, interacting with each other, and maybe even hearing them howl really is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Tours take place twice a day at 10:30 am and 4 pm. Reservations are not needed for the weekend but you will need a reservation if you’re planning to visit Tuesday through Friday or if your group has ten or more people. Tours cost approximately $15 for adults and $7 for children up to 11 years old. Making a reservation is as easy as calling 877-SEE-WOLF.

Photography Opportunities

Amateur and professional photographers have the chance to take a private guided tour around each wolf compound. It’s a great opportunity to photograph wolves right where they live, in a stress-free environment, by way of portal openings in the fencing. Reservations are needed for these guided tours and no one under the age of 16 is allowed on this type of tour.


You can help take care of the wolves by becoming a Wolf Watcher. Annual sponsorships of $25, $45, and $100 assist with costs associated with medical needs, feeding, and general care for the wolves. In addition to helping with the care of these animals, sponsors enjoy additional benefits. Click here for more information.

Wolves live in mostly wild and inaccessible areas and with their numbers declining, it’s becoming harder and harder to catch a glimpse of these beautiful animals. Fortunately there are folks like those at the Lakota Wolf Preserve and its sponsors that are doing what they can to keep these wolves around for future generations.

Have you visited the Lakota Wolf Preserve? Plymouth Rock in New Jersey would love to hear about your visit!

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