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Insurance Coverage Insights from an Independent Agent

Last updated on October 31, 2019 at 09:31 am

Understanding which coverage options are necessary for your specific needs can be a daunting task. According to CNN, “Exclusion clauses are often written in legalese and buried in a policy that runs dozens of pages. When disaster strikes, you could get hit with tens of thousands of dollars in costs for damages that you thought were covered.” Luckily, our Independent Agents are available to offer guidance based on your specific needs.

We sat down with one of our Independent Agents, Joshua Batushansky, Vice President of Operations and Marketing for The Barclay Group, to learn about the advantages of professional insurance advice and working with an independent agent. Here are some of his insurance coverage insights.

Q: How does an Independent Agent offer personalized service to his/her customers?

Joshua: As a ‘Main Street agent’ we have the benefit of seeing and speaking to our clients frequently. We see them at soccer games, social gatherings, and at the local hardware store. What often happens is that a discussion sparks up about life, business, etc. that eventually leads to their insurance. These conversations become fact finding missions to make sure that we’re properly insuring our clients and making them aware of all available discounts.

Q: When a customer has a claim, what are some of the key advantages of having an Independent Agent to call?

Joshua: One of our customers recently had an accidental water overflow and called me at 10:00 pm to see what the next steps were. Within the hour we had determined coverage, minimized further damage by doing some light remediation, and lined up a restoration company to come out to his house the next morning. Not only was the service timely, but his agent (me) really cared about getting a positive outcome.

Q: When providing a quote to a customer, other than rates, what additional benefits are you looking for when recommending a particular company?

Joshua: As an Independent Insurance Agent, our goal is to be our client’s trusted advisor and make sure they have appropriate coverage for a great price. When the price is the same, we look at the specific needs of the customer/prospective customer to ensure that not only is the primary coverage in line, but also that they’re aware of all available endorsements, discounts, and great programs like Plymouth Rock Assurance’s Get Home Safe® program.


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