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Celebrate the Planet For Earth Day and Arbor Day

Last updated on November 1, 2019 at 02:12 pm

Planet Earth is truly an amazing place. It’s the “third rock” from the sun and the only planet in our solar system to currently harbor life, at least as far as we know. The Earth is an incredibly complex and vibrant ecosystem where living organisms interact with each other and their environment to create the ideal conditions for life. It’s pretty darn impressive. But just like the houses or apartments we live in, we need to maintain it, clean it and fix it up.

Earth Day and Arbor Day taking place this week, it’s a great time to stop and reevaluate your habits. If everyone made just a few small changes, we could have a huge impact together.

Not sure how to get started? Here are some simple changes you can make today:

Slay the energy vampires. The off button doesn’t mean electricity stops flowing; it just means that the rate of energy consumption has slowed down. Reclaim your kingdom and slay these energy vampires by unplugging items not in use.

Say no to disposable plastic. Only 10% of the 300+ million tons of plastic we create is recycled. Swap plastic bags for canvas ones. Switch to a reusable water bottle instead of a 30 pack of plastic bottles. Save the Earth and your wallet.

Eat local produce. Not only do you get more nutrients from freshly picked local produce but you also help reduce carbon emissions. Most supermarket produce has to be transported several hundreds of miles before it reaches your store. And farmers markets are just plain fun!

Plant a tree…or three! Most of us know that trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. But did you know trees also help tame stormwater, provide homes for wildlife, help prevent soil erosion, save energy and fight climate change? Trees are kind of a big deal!

Online billing. Elect to receive your bills online and pay them online too. It saves time and money and helps prevent deforestation. It’s one of the many reasons Plymouth Rock Assurance offers a variety of electronic options for our car insurance customers.

What are some changes you’ve made in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day? Plymouth Rock Assurance would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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