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Celebrate “Name Your Car Day”

Last updated on November 1, 2019 at 02:08 pm

It’s seen you through the good times and bad – life’s joys and sorrows, ups and downs and everything in between. It’s your companion on the open road: the Goose to your Maverick, the Thelma to your Louise, and what you rely on to get you home after a long day.

A car is more than the sum of its parts – engine, tires, windshield – it’s your valiant steed.

You might be wondering where we’re going with this post. Well, today, October 2, is “National Name Your Car Day.”

In a world where National Coffee Day and National Yo-Yo Day are celebrated “holidays,” it seems only right that our cars are entitled to their own day, especially when you think about pop culture’s proclivity for naming vehicles. Just recall some icons: Herbie the Love Bug, The Mystery Machine and, arguably, The Batmobile.

What exactly explains our affinity for attaching human-like attributes to inanimate objects?

One study found that the more human-like a car was, the more drivers trusted it and enjoyed their driving experience.

Though one study’s conclusions certainly can’t explain societal trends, it does shed light on the bond that can form between driver and car.

So celebrate today by giving your car a name that fits its style and personality. After all, your car is likely one of your most valuable assets (need help protecting it?) and deserves a name the both of you can be proud of.

Not sure what to name your wheels? Here’s some inspiration from drivers across the country. [SPOILER: “Betsy” is the fan favorite for American drivers. We challenge you to be a little more original.]

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