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Simple Ways to Secure Your Holiday Season Shopping

Last updated on November 22, 2019 at 10:21 am

Everyone here at Plymouth Rock is excited for the upcoming holiday season and eager to save big on their shopping lists. And while we all love a great deal, we love keeping you safe even more. So, before you start tackling your holiday shopping, check out these Black Friday and Cyber Monday safety tips.

  1. Don’t make your car a target – Make sure to keep packages safely stored out of site, in the trunk, and don’t leave any valuables on the seat of your car.
  2. Keep your data private – We all know not flash our cash at the store or give out our ID to strangers, but the same is true online. Never give out your passwords or any other sensitive data that isn’t required to complete an online transaction. If you feel unsure about the online website you are purchasing from then don’t do it.
  3. Lock it up – We keep the car doors locked and our front doors secure while we are at the mall, right? Make sure the same is true when you are shopping online. Any online store should be using a secure server that starts with either “shttp” or “https”. If it doesn’t, time to shop elsewhere.
  4. Check yourself – When you are shopping at a crowded mall make sure to keep an eye on your wallet, purse, phone and other crucial belongings at all times. Furthermore, keep a watchful eye online as the holiday season goes on. Regardless of where your purchases are made, whether in store or online, identity thieves can strike at anytime. Your best defense is to remain vigilant and continue to monitor your bank and credit card statements. As an added precaution use a credit card instead of your debit card so that if the worst happens your bank account remains secure.
  5. Keep cool and calm – It goes without saying that when facing the holiday crowds you need to keep your cool when behind the wheel. Driving near malls and other heavily populated areas can be difficult. Make sure to leave plenty of extra time to get to your destination so you don’t feel rushed or pressured. Avoid situations that are unnecessarily risky. No sale is more important than making sure to Get Home Safe.

We hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful and safe holiday. If you have other great tips, let us hear them below or on Twitter. Happy Holidays everyone!

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