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5 of the Best Skee Ball Tips and Tricks to Help You Win

Last updated on November 12, 2019 at 01:32 pm

If you’re looking for the best skee ball tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered. We’ve combed the internet for advice from professionals (yes, really) and enthusiasts. Turns out, there’s a chance you’ve been skee balling all wrong. While there is certainly some skill involved, there is definitely a whole lot of luck. These tips aren’t guaranteed to make you an expert, but they might be able to help!

Skee ball has been a tradition at carnivals, amusement parks and boardwalk arcades. It’s a decent bet that just about everyone has a childhood memory that involves the game. In fact, it’s been a popular pastime for more than a century. Here’s what you need to hustle the shore crowd, impress your friends or rack up buckets of tickets during your next skee ball outing.

  1. Brace yourself. For right handed throwers, place your right shin against the end of the lane (there is usually metal flashing there) and lean in. Some machines have an indented space underneath – tuck your right foot in the corner under the machine. Your left foot goes behind you, for leverage. These two things help keep you stable. Lefty? Just reverse the instructions.
  2. Get low. The lanes are low and that’s where you need to be too. This way, you’ll be able to roll the ball and not just drop it. Some experts even go so far as to recommend playing on your knees. Others say crouching or bending to get into position is good enough. Taller people will likely have a tougher time than shorter folks.
  3. Bank shot. This is actually a bit controversial, so it may come down to personal preference: bank the ball off the rails. Some people swear by this method, but it might take a few rolls to find your lane’s sweet spot to consistently hit your mark. Which brings us to …
  4. Aim for the 40. This is the conventional wisdom in skee ball leagues (yes, there are skee ball leagues). In fact, rolling nine 40-point shots is 360 points and known among leaguers as rolling a “full circle.” For the most part, the 100-point pockets are there for distraction (or desperation if you’re trying to make a comeback in league play).
  5. Play often. The most serious players say that a huge key to success is simple muscle memory.

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