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8 Tips to Get Kids Out the Door Faster

Last updated on October 18, 2019 at 09:55 am

If your typical morning routine includes frantic chaos, lost homework and missed buses, you may benefit from schedule tweaks that help you get out the door faster. Plymouth Rock Assurance offers eight tips to streamline your routine, reduce stress and create a more peaceful, calm and organized morning for both you and your kids.

Minimize Chores

Sure, your kids need to get dressed, eat breakfast and brush their teeth every morning, but you could save folding laundry and sweeping the floors for another time. Let your kids focus on preparing for their school day instead of adding more chores to their morning routine.

Create a Schedule

The morning may go smoother when your kids know what to expect. Sit down and brainstorm a schedule that includes all the necessary to-do tasks and the timeline for waking up and walking out the door. Be sure to get your kids’ input so they feel heard and can take ownership of getting ready on time. Until this schedule becomes routine, you can post it on the fridge where your kids can see it and check off each item they complete.

Rehearse your Routine

Before implementing your new schedule, plan a few dress rehearsals. During these dry runs, you may discover that it works out better to eat breakfast before getting dressed or that your kids need to wake up a bit earlier than planned. Use these discoveries to tweak your schedule and make changes that improve the efficiency of your mornings.

Share a Simple Breakfast  

Your kids can focus and concentrate better in school when they eat a filling, balanced breakfast. While you may not have time to cook a made-to-order meal, you can plan a simple breakfast. Cut fruit, mix overnight refrigerator oatmeal, or set out the bowls and cereal the night before. Then share your simple meal with your kids as you bond and save time.

Prep Outfits and Backpacks the Night Before

A little organization can reduce morning chaos and stress. Every night, have your kids pick out their outfits, including shoes and accessories, and assemble all their homework and other essentials in their backpacks. They can then easily get ready for school and head out the door the next morning without rushing around or forgetting anything.

Designate a Launchpad

When your kids have a designated spot for their backpacks, permission slips, library books, lunch boxes and shoes, they can easily grab what they need as they pack for school the night before or rush out the door in the morning. Designate this launchpad somewhere near the front door or wherever it makes the most sense for your family.

Go to Bed on Time

Sometimes, kids move slowly or get the morning grumpies because they’re tired. An early bedtime can solve these challenges. As a bonus, your kids can concentrate better in school when they get enough sleep.

Make Time to Connect

Despite the busyness of school mornings, take a few minutes to connect with your kids. Grab a quick hug after breakfast, sing a silly song as you get dressed or talk about the day as you drive to school. These few minutes give you a powerful opportunity to let your kids know that you love them.

Streamline your morning routine and get out the door faster when you follow these eight tips. They reduce stress and make mornings more relaxed, peaceful and organized.

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  1. great tips; I would also add …check the weather report for severe or unexpected weather changes, like rain, snow or twenty degree drops in temperature as often happens in New Jersey.

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