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Moving Story Contest & Some Moving Day Tips From Plymouth Rock

Last updated on November 4, 2019 at 11:08 am

Move-ageddon? Share your moving story on our Facebook page and you might win a new 32” TV…

September 1 is the biggest moving day of the year in the Boston area. Everyone has a funny moving story. What’s yours? Share your experience on our Facebook page. If your story gets the most votes by September 6th, you’ll win a 32” inch flat screen TV for your new pad! No purchase necessary. See the complete Contest Rules on our Facebook page for details.

Let’s get packing. In the meantime, here are some awesome tips on how to make your move easier from Buzzfeed. The comments are worth a read, too. More serious, but also worth a look is The Learning Channel’s website, which features extensive how-to links and lists, on everything from moving abroad to planning stress-free moves for plants, kids, and pets. Five quick ideas you will see on these sites include:

  1. Skip the bubble wrap. Pack fragile items in your clothing and socks—just make sure they’re clean, please.
  2. Less stuff means less to pack (and unpack). Start to sell or donate things you don’t need online or at a moving sale several weeks before your move.
  3. Transplant plants from ceramic into lighter plastic pots at least two weeks before you move. Or better yet, save the hassle (and plant trauma) and give them away to friends and family and start fresh in your new place.
  4. One month before…Organize essential documents and papers and store them in a safe place; you may want to bring them with you to avoid identity theft; change your address with the Post Office; send a note to friends and family with new contact information.
  5. One week before…Transfer or close your bank accounts; transfer prescriptions to new pharmacy. Don’t forget to get insurance. In most cases, your landlord’s property insurance does not include coverage for your belongings.

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