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5 Ways to Help You Save Time, Spend Less and Eat Better

Last updated on October 16, 2019 at 11:01 am

You need food to live — that’s obvious, right? What you don’t need is to spend a whole bunch of money on a daily basis to get food and eat well. Think about it — your $10 at the grocery store will go A LOT further than the $10 it probably costs you for one lunch out. Here are five ways to eat better and save money.

  1. Plan Ahead. Make a list of what you need for the week and stick to it. If you go to the grocery store with a list of items in hand you will be less likely to make impulse purchases and pick up things you don’t need. If you plan ahead you will also be less likely to run out to the store for last minute purchases and will ultimately save money and time.

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  1. Buy What’s in Season. Not only will your grocery items taste better because they are in season and fresh, but they will also be more affordable.
  1. Shop Wisely. Your local grocery store chain isn’t the only place to buy groceries. Try checking out a nearby farmer’s market or the big warehouse stores. You should be able to purchase quality produce and meats at a farmer’s market for half the price of a conventional grocery store and you’ll be supporting local business. At warehouse stores you can buy in bulk and save a few trips to another store. If you do stick with a conventional grocery store, be sure to try the store or generic brands – usually similar or the same quality, just at a more affordable price.
  1. Repurpose Meals. Not sure what to do with that leftover chicken from dinner last night? Throw it on a salad for lunch the next day. That way you’re really getting bang for your buck, not wasting groceries, and eating healthily all at the same time.
  1. Host potluck dinners. Avoid hefty restaurant bills and invite friends and family to your home for a potluck dinner. When you eat out, you eat more, consume more sodium and additives, and can have a “liquid” bill that in many cases equals or exceeds your food bill. Potluck dinners are a great way to try and exchange new food ideas while still being social.

Life gets hectic. It can be hard to pass up the convenience of an easy take-out meal or a dinner out at a restaurant, but if you try these five things you’ll be on your way to eating better and saving money. What tricks do you use to eat healthy and save money?



One thought on “5 Ways to Help You Save Time, Spend Less and Eat Better

  1. No’s. 1-4 check. I’ve already been doing same for years. My children were never fans of left overs unless it was a special dish like my mom’s baked mac ‘n cheese so I always took left overs for lunch. Never did No. 5. However, I’ve had friends & family over for dinner.

    These days I stay away from my food allergies & sensitivities. I eat as much Non-GMO foods that I can find &/or organic. No farm raised salmon. I’ve incorporated more Mediterranean meals into my diet. If I go out to dinner or get take out, it’s usually Asian cuisine with sushi, non-gmo & organic establishments. I enjoy Moe’s Southwestern Grill, Chipotle’s, Saladworks, Subway. I’ve lost 50 pounds to date & I’m keeping the weight off.

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