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Which of These 10 Holiday Songs Is Your Fav?

Last updated on November 24, 2020 at 12:23 pm

It’s time to spread some holiday cheer! From traditional carols to timeless classics to contemporary hits, festive tunes are the perfect way to lift our spirits. You’ll hear them on the car radio and even at the grocery store. You may even find yourself singing along. What’s your favorite holiday song? Click on the title to vote for yours!

4 thoughts on “Which of These 10 Holiday Songs Is Your Fav?

  1. This song reminds me of the soldiers who fought during the second world war and paused on Christmas Eve, to sing this song. It is a beautiful Christmas song. O Holy Night.

  2. Have been a member of Plymouth for over 60 years, and will never change. Thank you for the Christmas greetings and my favorite Carol is Angels We Have Heard On High and of course O Holy Night, Sleigh Ride, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Sleep Holy Babe, Silent Night,White Christmas, Hallelujah.Henrie

  3. My father and many other members of the greatest generation paused and sang O Holy Night and other “Christmas” songs as they fought their way across France and later Germany. Many recently freed Jewish people joined in what my dad called the “most wonderful rendition” of our Christian hymns he had ever heard. My father was later asked to join the newly formed OSS, the forerunner of our CIA. He said those hymns helped sustain him through everything else they encountered.

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