Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Person committing vandalism on a car covered by insurance.

If your car was vandalized, you might be wondering if your car insurance will cover the repairs. Here’s everything you need to know about how car insurance covers vandalism damage and how to help prevent your car from being vandalized in the first place.

Comprehensive Coverage and Vandalism

Your car insurance will cover vandalism damage if you have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is an optional insurance coverage that helps pay for damage to your car not related to a collision.

Comprehensive Coverage
  • Natural disasters and storms
  • Fires
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damage caused by hitting an animal

Having collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to liability coverage is known as having “full coverage”. Full coverage is not typically required for auto insurance policies. If you owe money on your car, you may be required to carry full coverage as a term of loan or lease.

Full Coverage
Collision and comprehensive coverage are not typically required coverage. Check with your insurance company or agent to see if you have full coverage on your vehicle.

Personal belongings inside your car that have been stolen aren’t typically covered by your car insurance policy unless stated otherwise. Plymouth Rock offers mobile device replacement, laptop replacement and personal property coverage as additional coverage for Assurance Plus customers. Otherwise, personal property may be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

For example, if someone broke into your car by shattering the window and stole a laptop, your car insurance will cover the broken glass if you have comprehensive coverage. If you have additional property coverage, that will help pay to replace the laptop.

Identifying Vandalism Damage

Vandalism is the intentional act of damaging or destroying another person’s property. Vandalism on cars can take many forms and range in severity. The common factor is that they are all criminal acts done to the vehicle without the owner’s consent.

Forms of Car Vandalism
  • Keying
  • Breaking windows
  • Graffiti
  • Slashed tires
  • Dented panels
  • Smashed headlights
  • Arson

Vandalism is most common on the vehicle’s exterior, however interior damage can occur in some cases. Damage to the interior can occur if your car was ransacked and personal property was stolen. Your car insurance will still cover damage to the interior, but may not cover personal belongings damaged or stolen.

The Process of Filing a Vandalism Claim

We know that filing any kind of car insurance claim can be stressful. Our unique claims services will simplify the process, getting you back on the road in no time.

  1. Take Photos of the Scene
    Document the scene by taking photos on your smartphone. Do not move your vehicle or clean debris until the police come.
  2. Get a Police Report
    Report the loss to the police, and obtain an official police report. This will help the claims process.
  3. File Your Claim
    Please have your policy number ready. You can file a claim online or by contacting us or your agent directly.
  4. Assignment and Tracking of the Claim
    After you report your car insurance claim, you’ll receive a claim number to help track its progress. We’ll also assign you a friendly representative to answer any questions you may have.
  5. Damage Evaluation
    If your vehicle has damage and the applicable coverage applies, we offer these convenient options to get you back on the road as soon as possible:
    • CarPicsSM Photo Appraisals: Eliminate the need to schedule a claims inspection and receive your estimate within hours. You may even get paid that same day.*
    • Crashbusters® Mobile Claim Service: Have a representative meet you to appraise the damage at a time and place that’s convenient for you, oftentimes issuing you a check on the spot.
    • Door to Door Valet Claim Service®: Let us pick up your car and handle the repair process from start to finish. If you have rental coverage, we’ll even coordinate a rental car.
  6. Receive Your Claim Settlement
    Based on your situation, Plymouth Rock may pay your claim to the repair shop or we may reimburse you directly. Your claim payment will be based on the terms and coverage in your car insurance policy.

Deductibles and Vandalism Coverage

Since vandalism is covered under your comprehensive insurance, you need to pay your deductible when you file a claim. A deductible is your share of the cost for an insurance claim. A deductible is not the same as your insurance premium, which is what you pay to maintain your policy. It’s what you pay before your insurance starts paying for expenses.

Understanding Your Car Insurance Deductible

For example, say your comprehensive deductible is $500 and it costs $1,000 to fix your vandalized car. In this case, you would pay $500 and your insurance will cover the remaining cost.

Windshield and glass damage are some of the most common forms of vandalism, and many insurance companies offer separate windshield or glass deductibles. At Plymouth Rock you can select a $0 windshield deductible, which means you won’t have to pay to replace a windshield in a covered loss. Plymouth Rock also offers a $100 Glass Deductible option, which applies a $100 deductible for glass-only claims.

How to Prevent Vandalism

The best way to avoid paying for vandalism expenses is to take steps to prevent it in the first place. Park in well-lit, well-trafficked areas if possible. Install security cameras and lights around your property where you park your car.

Never leave personal items, especially valuable ones, inside your car. Sunglasses, phones or other small electronics can be easily stolen if a thief can reach inside. Backpacks and other bags are also prime targets for thieves. To a thief, it’s likely there are valuables like laptops inside. Even if your bag is empty, the thief won’t know that until your window is broken and they’ve stolen your bag.

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