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Home Insurance Coverage and Policy Options in New Jersey – Plymouth Rock

There are many different coverages in a home insurance policy that work together to provide your overall protection. A policy can provide coverage for damage to your home, damage to sheds or detached garages, your possessions and your expenses if you’re temporarily uprooted from your home because of a covered loss in New Jersey.

When you choose Plymouth Rock as your homeowners insurance company, you’ll be able to pick your overall coverage level and be eligible for discounts. Depending on which level you choose, some coverage options may be automatically included with your policy. Your insurance agent will walk you through the ABCs of your policy. Here’s a primer on what you can expect to talk about with your agent:

Coverage A

Think about this coverage as brick and mortar; drywall and siding; floors and ceilings. This is your dwelling replacement cost and is typically your most important coverage. This portion of your policy covers the physical structure that makes up your home.

Coverage B

Do you have a barn or gazebo? How about a detached garage or a fence? All of those other structures on your property, which aren’t connected to your main house, are covered by this part of your policy.

Coverage C

Think about all of your possessions that you keep inside your house — all of your stuff: couches, rugs, tools, dishes, televisions, computers and everything else. This portion of your homeowners policy covers your personal property. How much do you think it might cost to replace all of it? Your insurance professional will help you figure that out.

Coverage D

If your home is damaged, there’s a chance that you might not be able to live there for a while. This part of your policy covers you for loss of use. If your home is damaged in a covered loss and you’re dislocated for a time, this will reimburse you for temporary housing, food and other related expenses.

Water Backup and Sump Overflow

Water can sometimes backup and overflow into your home; sump pumps can fail or otherwise malfunction. Those issues could lead to costly repairs. Ask your agent if you might need water backup and sump overflow coverage for your home.

Flood Damage

It’s important to note that homeowners insurance does not cover damage caused by flooding. Depending on the location of your home and your needs, you may want to (or you may be required to) purchase a flood insurance policy in addition to your homeowners insurance. Read more about the importance of getting flood insurance, or ask your agent if it’s something you might need.

You can also learn more information about how much home insurance you need what it covers by clicking here.  Find out more information about getting the best homeowners insurance in the state or how to lower your rate.

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