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Car Insurance Discounts for Students in NJ

When your high school or college student gets behind the wheel, your stress level probably goes through the roof. The price of your insurance doesn’t have to go that way, too. Here’s what you can do to take advantage of car insurance discounts for students in NJ.

The bottom line is that your student’s good grades can help you save. Whether you have a student on your policy, or are a student looking to lower your own rate, car insurance discounts for students in NJ can be a smart way to lower the price you pay for insurance.

To get a Good Student Discount*, the student must be under 22 years old and be a full-time high school, college or university student and meet one of the following criteria: be in the upper 20% of their class scholastically; have a minimum of a B average; a minimum of a three on a four-point grade scale; or be included on a Dean’s List or Honor Roll.

Where to Get Auto Insurance Discounts for Students

Many insurance companies offer some sort of auto insurance discount for students in NJ, including Plymouth Rock. When you get your Plymouth Rock quote, we’ll ask you if any of the drivers on your policy are students under 22 and determine if they are eligible for a Good Student Discount. All you need to do is send in a recent report card or signed letter from your school’s administrator.

And we don’t stop there! We also offer other young driver discounts that may help you lower your premium.

Other Car Insurance Discounts for Students and Young Drivers

New Driver Family Discount. If your policy has been active for at least 24 months, you can save if a driver on your policy is under the age of 19, is a child of the primary policyholder and has a safe driving record. The discount will be applied as of the date the child is added to the policy (or the first renewal after meeting the 24-month requirement).

Away at School Discount.* Your bill could be lower if a child on your policy is enrolled and resides at an educational institution that is more than 100 miles away from where you usually keep your car (known in the insurance industry as your “primary garaging location”). Your child must be under 22 and may not have regular access to a covered vehicle while at school.

Driver Training Discount. This discount is available to drivers under the age of 19 who have successfully completed an approved driver training program.

Defensive Driver Discount. You could save if your young driver (or you!) have completed a New Jersey-approved defensive driving course within the past three years.

Get Your Discounts Now

Now that you know all of the ways to get car insurance discounts for students in NJ, get your Plymouth Rock quote to find out how much you can save!

Find out more about additional discounts available and tips if you are a new driver.  Learn about what affects car insurance rates and the car insurance quote process.

*Discount does not apply if a New Driver Family Discount applies.

Call 855-993-4470, get your free quote online or find a local agent to see how Plymouth Rock Assurance can help you with car insurance discounts for students. If you need additional information, please visit our Contact Us page.