Massachusetts and Connecticut Claim Center

Report an auto or home claim online. You may also call 844-346-1225.

Plymouth Rock Assurance does not offer home insurance in Massachusetts or Connecticut.  If you are a Massachusetts or Connecticut customer of our affiliate, Bunker Hill Insurance, and need to report a home insurance claim, please contact Bunker Hill Insurance at 888-472-5246.

Auto Claim

If you were just involved in an accident, make sure everyone is OK, and read about other important steps to follow and information to gather.

Once you report a claim, here’s what you can expect from us as we work to resolve your claim. You can track the status of your auto claim online. If you have not yet registered your policy online, you’ll need your policy number to get started.

Commercial Auto Claims

After you have reported a commercial auto claim, read about what you can expect.

If you need any additional information not found in the Claim Center, please Contact Us.

Plymouth Rock Assurance does not issue Massachusetts or Connecticut home insurance policies. Home insurance for those states is written by our affiliate, Bunker Hill Insurance, a separate company. Each company is financially responsible only for its own insurance products. Actual coverage is subject to the policy as issued by each separate company.