Cell phone showing identity security alert

Identity Protection Program

Plymouth Rock has teamed up with CyberScout, a leader in identity theft and online fraud protection, to offer you the Identity Protection Program. This practical suite of cybersecurity solutions keeps you and your family one step ahead of identity thieves.

Why You Need Identity Protection

Getting your identity stolen is a traumatic experience. Purchasing our Identity Protection Program can prevent an attack from happening in the first place — or help you recover quickly after an attack.

This is especially important in today’s world, where online threats are more pervasive than ever.


Your Basic Protection

The following coverage is included with your standard Plymouth Rock homeowners policy, so you’re automatically protected:

ID Theft Resolution and Recovery Service

If you’re the victim of an ID theft incident, this free coverage will:

  • Put you in touch with a personal advisor to guide you through the recovery process
  • Reimburse standard expenses you incur while resolving an ID threat incident
  • Provide you with educational resources so you can learn how to minimize risks
  • Offer you proactive guidance to help protect against identity theft

Add Even More Protection

You can add these optional coverages to your policy for even greater security and peace of mind:

ID Theft Monitoring

ID Theft Expense Reimbursement

  • Tracks your online presence to identify online threats; alerts you to potential issues
  • Gives you easy access to a web portal so you can view reports and spot fraud that can impact your credit
  • Continually scans for compromised data so you get around-the-clock protection
  • Cost: $20 annual flat fee per household
  • Reimburses expenses that aren’t covered by your standard ID Theft Resolution and Recovery Services (such as hiring lawyers)
  • These extraordinary expenses are covered up to $15,000
  • Cost: $30 annual flat fee per household

*In MA, these coverages are offered exclusively through independent agents.

Identity Protection Program is provided by CyberScout. Actual coverage is subject to the language in the CyberScout contract. Terms and conditions apply.

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