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Home Cyber Coverage

Plymouth Rock’s Home Cyber Coverage* is a suite of services and coverages designed to protect homeowners from cyber-attacks, cyber extortion, online fraud, data breaches and cyber bullying.

Why You Need Home Cyber Coverage

Computers, mobile devices, smart TVs and social media may enhance our lives, but they also expose us to new risks. Using these connected technologies, online criminals can infiltrate a homeowner’s data in order to steal personal information, extort money and commit fraud.

Fortunately, Home Cyber Coverage can help mitigate these risks.

What You’re Covered For

If you add Home Cyber Coverage to your existing homeowners policy, and you’re the victim of a cyber-related crime, we’ll pay for the following:


Home Cyber Coverage will:

Cyber Attack

  • Pay to replace the lost or corrupted electronic data
  • Pay to restore the computing or connected home device to its previous level of functionality

Cyber Extortion

  • Pay for a professional to advise the homeowner on how to respond to a threat
  • Pay the extortion threat (when payment is approved in advance and incurred as the direct result of a cyber-extortion event)

Online Fraud

  • Cover the direct financial loss to the homeowner incurred by the online fraud

Data Breach

  • Pay for a professional to review the data breach and identify the affected individuals
  • Pay for legal counsel to develop a response to the data breach
  • Cover the notification of the data breach to affected individuals
  • Pay for credit report monitoring, identity restoration case management services, informational materials and a telephone hotline

Cyber Bullying

  • Pay for mental health counseling services, temporary relocation expenses, temporary private tutoring and enrollment expenses
  • Pay for cybersecurity consultation services, social monitoring software, legal expenses, lost wages, childcare and elder care expenses

* This coverage is backed by The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company.

** In MA, this coverage is offered exclusively through independent agents.

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