All About Salvage Vehicles and Insurance in New Jersey

Totaled red suv on flat bed

Repairing and insuring salvage vehicles in NJ isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Generally, it requires a lot of documentation to get the car safely back on the road. If you’re willing to put in the work and are good at keeping records, purchasing salvage vehicles can be a cost-effective way to get a used car.

What are Salvage Vehicles?

When a vehicle has been damaged to the point that an insurance company thinks it’s not economical to repair, it becomes a salvage vehicle. Salvage vehicles can be repaired and re-sold in certain circumstances. Insurance companies typically sell salvage cars at auction, where people can purchase them for parts or repair. Salvage vehicles need a title of their own, which usually displays the word “salvage” to make sure it’s not confused with regular titles.

Repairing a Salvage Vehicle

In New Jersey, you can purchase a salvage vehicle, make the repairs and have it inspected. Be ready for a lot of paperwork and documentation for just about everything in order to have your salvage title converted into an operable salvage title.

New Jersey requires that you take photographs of your car both before AND after repairs. You’ll also need a bill of sale for each major component used in the repair process. There’s a lot more that you’ll need to do as well, which the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) outlines in specific detail. The last step in your process will be to schedule a salvage inspection. The MVC says the inspection may take an hour and that you may not observe the inspection. They also advise to not bring children.

How to Purchase NJ Salvage Vehicle Insurance

Not all insurance companies insure salvage vehicles. Plymouth Rock may be able to help you with insurance for your salvage vehicle, including liability, comprehensive and collision coverages.

If you’re looking to add comprehensive and collision coverages for your salvage vehicle, you’ll need to provide a copy of the salvage title; provide receipts for the parts used for repairs; and have a photo inspection performed. Please also keep in mind that Plymouth Rock reviews each request for collision and comprehensive coverages for salvage vehicles before approving the policy.

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