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New Jersey Rideshare Insurance For Uber & Lyft Drivers

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Plymouth Rock in New Jersey has rideshare insurance for Uber or Lyft drivers that can help you better protect yourself while participating in the sharing economy (it covers many other rideshare companies, too!).

Yes, rideshare companies provide some insurance, but you may not always be fully covered by these policies. And, generally speaking, personal auto policies across the industry will not cover any rideshare driving activity.

What does that mean for you? Gaps in coverage could lead you to pay out of pocket for damage to your car or medical expenses. Plymouth Rock’s rideshare endorsement for part-time drivers can help you avoid some of those potential coverage gaps.

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Typical Rideshare-Provided Insurance

To start, there are three periods of rideshare driving:

  1. You’re ready to work. You log into the rideshare app and are waiting for a ride request.
  2. Finally. You’re matched with a passenger and are on your way to pick them up.
  3. You’ve arrived. You’re passenger gets in and you’re off to their destination.

Rideshare companies (which are technically called “transportation network companies” or TNCs) provide low-limit coverage during period 1. During this time, TNC policies generally do not offer coverage for damage to your car and only low-limit coverage for injuries to others or damage to others’ property.

TNCs provide commercial policies for drivers during period 2 and 3. During these periods, a typical TNC policy only provides drivers with low-limit coverage for their own injuries, and potentially higher collision and comprehensive deductibles than drivers carry on their personal auto policy.

Plymouth Rock’s Rideshare Insurance

Plymouth Rock’s coverage allows rideshare drivers to fill some potential insurance gaps. You have your choice of two options:

  • The basic rideshare driver endorsement. This is excess coverage that expands what you receive from TNCs in period 1.
  • The enhanced rideshare driver endorsement. This includes the basic coverage, along with excess coverage for periods 2 and 3. Plus, Plymouth Rock will cover the difference in the physical damage deductible on the driver’s personal policy and the deductible on the TNC policy in those two periods.

The best part? Adding this coverage probably costs less than you’d think. Plymouth Rock’s insurance professionals and local agents can tell you exactly how you’re covered with our rideshare insurance, how much it costs and answer your questions. Effective 11/30

Call Plymouth Rock at 855-993-4470 or find a local agent to add rideshare insurance for Uber or Lyft Drivers in NJ.