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Insanely Smart Spring DIY Home Projects

Plants in colorful pots on a shelve

Spring is here and it’s time to refresh your home! If you already tackled your closets and hauled out your spring décor, read on. These spring DIY projects can help banish boredom and breathe new life into your home — no big budget or major overhaul required.

Smart DIY Home Projects for Spring

1 Stash Away Winter Accessories

Launder your chunky sweaters, winter coats, bulky blankets and area rugs, and put them aside for next year. Instantly release your winter blues by replacing played-out pieces with pillows and throws in lightweight fabrics and delicate pastel prints. Or take a more adventurous approach by introducing a bright color or bold pattern you wouldn’t normally use for decorating. Make a fresh start by editing your wardrobe. Donating a few bags of clothes will free up space and give your home a breezier vibe (while also making room for new warm-weather favorites). If storage space is at a premium, click here to learn how to make your own rolling storage crates.

2 Stencil a Custom Area Rug

Area rugs can create a powerful focal point in any room, but they can also be pretty pricey. Rest assured — there’s an easy way to get the perfect rug to match your space without spending a fortune. Start by choosing a low-traffic room and purchasing a woven rug in a natural material such as jute, cotton or seagrass. These surprisingly affordable rugs can be found at discount department stores or home improvement stores. With a few craft supplies and a weekend to spare, you can stencil your own rug… and have fun in the process. Watch the tutorial here. Another way to make a statement without a major commitment is to hang removable wallpaper.

3 Bring the Outdoors Inside

Instantly change your room’s mood (as well as your own) by opening the windows to let in the fresh spring breeze. Beyond their aesthetic value, houseplants offer numerous health benefits, such as improving air quality and reducing stress. A few smartly placed plants and brightly colored blooms will refresh even the dullest spaces. Get creative by planting a succulent in a vintage teacup, designing a Mason jar wall planter for fresh herbs or creating a chandelier planter. Breathe new life into wilting flowers with this delightful DIY quick dried flower art. If you don’t have a green thumb, try arranging fresh lemons or oranges in a vase or bowl for a charming centerpiece.

4 Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Updating your bathroom can be surprisingly simple. Swap out your tired shower curtain for a spring-friendly option. Add a scented candle and some small potted plants. Introduce a new color scheme by painting the walls. Pale grays, blues and greens are perfect spring picks that create a serene, spa-like ambience. Spring is also a great time to give your tub a deep scrub or even to refinish it. For more budget-friendly bathroom ideas like tiling the countertop, framing a mirror and painting the floor, click here.

Now that your home is all set for sunnier days, make sure you have adequate limits on your homeowners, condo or renters insurance.