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Does My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

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If you’re planning to allow someone else to drive your car, it’s natural to wonder if those drivers are covered and, if so, under whose policy? Will your insurance and selected limits and coverages apply? Will theirs? Before you toss your buddy or coworker the keys to your vehicle, you should, at the very least, confirm that they are both licensed and insured, as required by state law. Below, we’ll help you determine what type of insurance typically covers other drivers, and in what situations.

Coverage for Damage to Your Car When Someone Else Drives It

If you carry comprehensive and collision coverage on your car insurance policy, it should typically cover damage that your car sustains even when you weren’t behind the wheel at the time of the accident. However, you should confirm that your policy covers “permissive use”: allowing other non-listed or non-household drivers to operate your vehicle. Also, allowing certain other drivers to operate your car may void some coverages in your policy. Most notably, if a person has been specifically excluded as a driver on your policy, damages to your car may not be covered under your policy. In the event that your car is stolen and/or vandalized, your insurance carrier will most likely cover damages to your car, provided you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy.

Liability Coverage for Permitted Divers Who Get in an Accident

As noted above, you will want to confirm that your policy does not exclude “permissive use” coverage. Most policies do cover permissive use, but there are some carriers who exclude this coverage. All listed drivers on your household’s policy, as well as drivers who you permit to drive your car on a temporary basis (assuming they are not expressly excluded from your policy) will generally be covered under your liability insurance. The insurance coverages of the permitted driver can come into play in some instances, though. If you let another person drive your car and they cause an accident that involves injury and/or damage to someone else’s property, that driver’s liability coverages could kick in as secondary coverage when the claim exceeds your limits.

Final Thoughts on Your Car Insurance and Other Drivers

Trying to understand which auto insurance coverages follow the driver and which ones follow the vehicle can be tricky. If you have questions about other drivers and your car insurance policy, call Plymouth Rock Assurance to get definitive answers to your questions. Plymouth Rock has been providing New Jersey drivers with car insurance advice and protection for decades.

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