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Plymouth Rock Assurance Policyholder Perks

Being a Plymouth Rock Assurance policyholder means you’re entitled to more than just insurance. Along with superior customer service, you immediately get access to a host of policyholder perks. Plus, your loyalty to Plymouth Rock earns you additional rewards over time.

Get Home Safe®

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel safe driving, Plymouth Rock will pick up the tab for your cab or rideshare fare home.

Loyalty Rewards

While Essential Assurance benefits come with your auto policy, we provide loyalty rewards to policyholders who have been with us for three or more years, and immediately to eligible motor club members.

Road Rewards

Safe driving now comes with rewards with Plymouth Rock’s safe driving rewards program – Road Rewards. Members in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York* can turn their safe driving into great rewards.

Learn More About Policyholder Perks

You deserve more than just insurance. That’s our view. We don’t think it’s enough to just offer reliable insurance protection — your expectations should be exceeded. From adding extra coverages to helping to prevent accidents, we give each and every one of our policyholder great perks, all at no extra cost. The latest is the Plymouth Rock Garage powered by CarAdvise, which helps you save money on car repairs and maintenance.

Your Safety First

Sometimes it’s better to ride than drive. Take advantage of Get Home Safe, a no-additional charge Plymouth Rock policy benefit, and get a lift when you need one. We’ll cover your one-time, one-way cab or rideshare fare home, up to $50 per policy year when you find yourself in a situation where it might be unsafe for you to drive (excluding mechanical breakdown). Find out more about the Get Home Safe program.

Rewards … and Then Some

If you’ve had a consecutive 36-month, continuously active relationship with us, it’s time to celebrate. We’ve added the Plymouth Rock Assurance Loyalty Rewards package to your policy.  That means you get things like additional rental coverage, mobile device replacement, pet injury coverage and more – all at no extra cost. If you’re a member of a qualifying motor club, these benefits are added to your policy on day one. Find out how you can get more than just insurance by getting your free car insurance quote today.