Not All Teachers Insurance Discounts Come From Union Endorsed Insurers

Typically, unions partner with only one company per product type to offer special discounts. But in the car and home insurance market there are several companies that offer great deals for teachers. Smart insurance shoppers always compare multiple products, so don’t settle for checking out the union-endorsed product alone: be sure to check out Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ. We’ve been providing special rates to NJ educators for over 20 years. Thousands of your colleagues turn to us every year for their auto and home insurance.

At Teachers' Insurance Plan of NJ, we recognize the importance of the educational community, and we are proud to offer car insurance exclusively to this special group of people. More than just insurance, we are committed to providing you with unique educator benefits and exceptional customer care, including responsive and attentive claim service, should you ever need it. We believe that if you are a teacher, insurance is not something you should ever have to worry about whether or not you are part of a teacher’s union.

Our special rates are meant for NJ residents who work for or are retired from an accredited school, district or diocese, including:

• Active and retired teachers or professors
• Administrators
• School librarians
• Early childhood education professionals
• Staff members of professional education associations
• Current School Board officials
• Support staff employed by a state-licensed educational institution
• School medical staff
• Guidance counselors
• Substitute teachers

Reasons Why Auto Insurance Rates for Teachers Are Lower

There are a number of reasons why car insurance providers give much lower rates to teachers. It should be noted that not all car insurance providers will give cheap rates to teachers on the basis of their profession alone so it’s always a good idea to comparison shop before choosing your insurance provider.

Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ focuses only on insuring members of the educational community in New Jersey ranging from early childhood, all the way through higher education. We are able to offer teachers special quotes for insurance at lower prices than other companies.

The following are some factors that make teachers qualifying candidates for cheap auto insurance rates:

•    Low Accident Risk

The routine of the teacher is fairly predictable and less demanding behind the wheel compared to other professions. This is especially so for teachers who are stationed in a given school. They do not have to drive all day as some professions demand, and usually only use the car to drive to and from school. Another factor that contributes to low risk among teachers is the non-emergency nature of their work. They are not expected to be rushing down the highway or battling with high traffic in town in a bid to get to an emergency scene on time. The predictability of their working hours eliminates the risk of emergency driving. All of these factors make teacher’s accident risks lower than much of the driving population.

•    Good Driving Record

Statistics show that teachers have better driving habits than most other professionals. This fact is supported by records showing that teachers have fewer accidents and file far fewer claims. This automatically qualifies them for low insurance rates. If the individual driving experience of the applicant is spotless, their chances of receiving even cheaper insurance rates are increased further. To a large extent, teachers are role models for the students in their care. This alone means they have to be watchful and conscious of how they drive at all times.

How to Further Lower the Car Insurance Rates Received as a Teacher

You can increase your chances of receiving even lower rates by observing the following:

•    Clean driving record
•    Defensive driving classes
•    Type of car
•    High deductibles

Remember, when shopping for auto and home insurance in New Jersey, to compare all aspects of the coverage. This includes percentage of discounts, premium amount, deductible options, payment methods and bonus services available and be sure to check out Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ.

You can read more information about teachers car insurance basics and discounts we offer.  Learn more about roadside assistance and other resources available from the Teachers Insurance Plan of NJ.

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