Homeowners Insurance for Teachers in New Jersey


Your car and home are likely among your two biggest personal investments. If you or your family members are eligible for car insurance through Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ, why not add a homeowners insurance policy and save additional money?

Homeowners insurance for teachers in New Jersey is provided through Plymouth Rock Assurance and other partner carriers. By bundling, you’ll get a companion home policy discount that helps you save money. Plus, these savings are in addition to preferred car insurance rates for New Jersey teachers and other eligible school employees. Package discounts are also available for buying renters or condominium insurance to go with your Teachers’ Insurance auto policy.

Whether you choose to get your home insurance through a Teachers’ Insurance professional or through your local insurance agent, you’ll get expert advice in understanding your home insurance coverage and help in building your policy to make sure you get the best possible value. Here are some aspects of your home insurance policy that you can discuss with your professional:

Insuring Your Walls
The portion of your homeowners insurance that covers your walls, ceiling, floors — anything that makes up the physical structure — is known as Coverage A. This is what it would cost to replace your home and is typically the most important coverage. Your agent or insurance professional will be able to help you determine how much it would cost to replace your home.

Sheds, Fences, Detached Garages
Think about all of those other structures on your property — Coverage B is what covers any structure that isn’t attached to your home. While those might not be as expensive to replace as your home, replacement costs can quickly add up.

Your Possessions
Part of what makes a house a home are the things that you have inside. Coverage C is what helps to replace your personal property if your home is, unfortunately, damaged. Just like Coverage B, replacing your possessions can quickly become expensive. How much would it cost to replace your dishes, couches, electronics and furniture? Talk about that with your insurance professional.

Living Expenses
If you’re not able to live in your home for a short time because of a covered loss, the Coverage D portion of your homeowners insurance policy is what reimburses you for temporary lodging, food and other similar expenses.

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