What Is Green Upgrades Coverage

Green Upgrades Coverage pays for the increased cost of repairing or replacing damaged property using materials and methods that are better for the environment.

Here's why this coverage is important:

Reimburses you for the extra cost of using “green” materials if your home needs to be rebuilt or repaired.
Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly building materials lessen the impact on the environment.
Green upgrades can save you money on your energy bills over the long term.

What You’re Covered For

If you add Green Upgrades Coverage to your existing homeowners policy, and your home is in need of repair, we’ll pay for the following:

  • Cost difference between green and non-green building materials and property; upgraded items must serve the same function as the damaged property
  • Reuse or salvaging of property and building materials
  • Extraction and transporting of recyclable construction waste
  • Services of an architect, designer or engineer
  • Determination of whether certification of the property is required after the work is completed
  • Testing required to achieve certification after the work is completed (e.g., air quality, building systems, building equipment)

Defining Green

Materials that qualify as “green” are determined by standards such as:

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)
  • Green GlobesTM

Examples of materials that might qualify as green include lighting, roofing, windows, plumbing, decking, insulation and appliances.

How to Purchase Green Upgrades Coverage

To add this to your policy:

  • Call your agent. Because they work and live in your community, they can provide expert guidance on coverage needs.
  • Don’t have an agent? Call us at 833-857-5848.