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Comprehensive Coverage in Connecticut

Comprehensive Coverage in Connecticut

Riots, explosions, falling objects, fire and flooding – sound like a Hollywood blockbuster? Welcome to the world of auto insurance, specifically comprehensive coverage. You may tend to associate car insurance with on-the-road accidents, but what insurance covers your vehicle when you are not even behind the wheel, and your car is not even on the road?
Your vehicle may not be exposed to as much risk in your driveway or in a parking lot at the grocery store as it is on the road, but your car spends a lot of time parked, and it’s important to know how to insure it in these contexts. And even on the road, other vehicles aren’t the only potential sources of damage to your car.
Let’s take a close look at comprehensive coverage in Connecticut to explore what it covers, when it’s a good idea to carry it and when you may be alright without it.  

What Does “Comp” Cover?

Comprehensive coverage (sometimes referred to as “comp”) will usually cover the costs associated with repairing or replacing your vehicle when it is damaged as a result of a sudden and accidental incident other than collision or collision with an animal. For example, if you’re driving down the road and a deer runs out in front of your car and you hit it, comprehensive coverage will usually apply. If you get caught in a hailstorm or experience a flood that results in damage to your ride, comp coverage will typically pay to have your vehicle repaired or replaced. If someone vandalizes or steals your car, comprehensive insurance will generally pay for the damages, or the cost associated with replacement. As previously mentioned, most auto policies that include comprehensive will also repair or replace your vehicle if damage occurs as a result of rioting, falling objects or fire.

When Should You Carry Comp?

Connecticut is ranked #4 in the nation for hail losses from the years 2000 – 2013. Living near the water is a draw for most people, but it certainly carries a risk of wind and hail damage to property. If you live in a highly populated area, there can be an increased risk of vandalism or theft. Living or driving regularly in a rural area probably increases the risk that you’ll sustain damage from striking a wild animal. If you drive a late model car or a higher-end vehicle that would generally be expensive to repair or replace, then carrying comprehensive coverage on your auto policy is probably a good idea. In any case, if you want to avoid paying a lot out of pocket to make such repairs for these situations, you will want to consider carrying it in CT.

When You May Not Need Comp

Do you drive a high-mileage, older vehicle? If you are driving an older car for which you hold the title free and clear, you may consider saving a few dollars on your auto insurance policy by not opting to carry comprehensive coverage. However, even people who drive older cars will sometimes carry comp simply because they do not want the financial risk that comes with having to replace their vehicle if it were to be stolen or sustained severe damage due to a weather event, vandalism or other occurrence normally paid under comp coverage.

Final Thoughts on Comprehensive Coverage

While damage to your car from a hail storm will rarely produce the extent of damage sustained in most collisions, it can still present a significant and unexpected expense. You work hard for what you have, and protecting your vehicle with comprehensive coverage is an intelligent way to manage risk associated with non-collision damage to your car. If you have questions about this kind of coverage and whether it’s right for you, or if you’re shopping for auto insurance in CT, consider the value that Plymouth Rock Assurance has to offer. It’s important that you compare insurance companies and know the discounts available to you, so that you can navigate the quote process and get the best rate with the best company. Find out more about gap insurance and full coverage. With Plymouth Rock, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an experienced representative providing you with a customized auto policy and exceptional service. Call Plymouth Rock today!

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a marketing name used by a group of separate companies that write and manage property and casualty insurance in multiple states. Auto insurance in Connecticut is underwritten by Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation and Palisades Insurance Company.

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