Massachusetts Auto Repair Shops

Accidents are stressful enough without the added hassle of finding a local, reliable repair shop. For your convenience, Plymouth Rock Assurance has put together a list of every registered auto body repair shop in Massachusetts that you may choose to have your car serviced at. Per Massachusetts law, each shop on this list carries a bond or letter of credit of at least $10,000 with the Massachusetts Division of Standards.

While you may select any of the shops from the registered list, you’ll find the ones in bold are also Plymouth Rock referral shops. These shops have been specifically selected by Plymouth Rock based on their commitment to providing our customers with quality repair work. If you choose to have your vehicle repaired at one of our referral shops, not only will Plymouth Rock guarantee the work, but the only out-of-pocket expense will be your deductible. Plus, you will never be balance billed by the shop. If the auto body shop you choose is not a Plymouth Rock referral shop, we will not guarantee the repairs.

Please note that sometimes, an accident can cause damage to your car that an appraiser may not see during the initial inspection. If the repair costs from the shop exceed the amount shown on your appraisal, have your service manager or technician call us at 888-324-1620.

Select your county above to see a full list of registered and Plymouth Rock referral shops in Massachusetts.

Get your free quote online or find a local agent in Massachusetts, and if you have questions about where to find an auto repair shop you can visit our contact us page.