Find a Doctor - Signature Medical Concierge Program

We at Plymouth Rock Assurance New Jersey are proud to offer you our innovative Signature Medical Concierge Program. Concierge is leading the way to a new level of customer service with the focus on you as our valued customer.

Our goal is to provide superior service through the utilization of our Signature Medical Concierge Program, which consists of a sophisticated network of doctors, facilities and service providers.

These networks are voluntary. Utilization of this program provides the highest level of coverage under your policy. If you decide not to use the diagnostic, outpatient facility, and medical equipment networks, additional copayments may apply.

Consumer Health Network

800-225-4246 ext. 5513
609-570-2041 (direct)


Mitchell ScriptAdvisor: 866-221-6588
Optum: 877-494-9195

Outpatient Facility

Consumer Health Network: 800-225-4246

Medical Equipment

Consumer Health Network: 800-225-4246
Optum: 877-494-9195

Diagnostic Testing

One Call Medical: 800-453-0574

If you need to find a doctor, specialist, or outpatient facility near you, Consumer Health Network has a comprehensive directory of medical providers to choose from. One Call Medical can assist you in finding a diagnostic testing facility should you need an MRI, CT scan, or any other diagnostic test. If you require any type of medical equipment (TENs units, wheel chairs, canes, walkers, shower / tub accessories, etc.), Optum will assist you in obtaining those items. Do you need prescription medications? Mitchell ScriptAdvisor or Optum can assist you in obtaining any medications related to your accident via their mail-order program or through a pharmacy near you.

Additional Medical Online Resources:

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Society of Cardiovascular & Interventional Radiology
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Consumer Online Resources:
Consumer Products Safety Commission
Food & Drug Administration
National Safety Council
Notice of Faulty Products
American Society for Testing and Materials

If you need any additional information about our signature medical concierge program, please contact us.