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Our Company

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a member of the Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, which together write and manage over $1 billion in annual auto and homeowners’ insurance premiums throughout the Northeast.

About Plymouth Rock Assurance

Plymouth Rock Assurance is an insurance provider committed to delivering the highest level of customer care and satisfaction. We endeavor to treat our customers with courtesy, value their time and understand and empathize with the issues they are facing. In fact, we call it our Pledge of Assurance®.

The Pledge of Assurance is our promise to provide customers the service they expect and deserve. We offer unique services like Plymouth Rock Crashbusters® vans that bring the claim settlement process right to you, Get Home Safe® program where we’ll pay for a taxi ride home if you feel unsafe to drive, and Door to Door Valet Claim Service®. These benefits come standard with every Plymouth Rock auto insurance policy because we believe each of our customers is entitled to superior service.

In Massachusetts and Connecticut

Here in the Northeast, Mother Nature is hardly our friend. We’re exposed to eternal snowfalls and blistering summers, and so it takes a lot to protect our cars and homes.

Plymouth Rock Assurance offers personal and commercial auto insurance in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Whether you have one car or need to insure an entire fleet of vehicles for your business, we can help identify which coverage options will give you the best protection for your money.  

In New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, we offer auto and home insurance. Though policies are underwritten by Mt. Washington Assurance, a member of the Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, we operate under the brand name “Plymouth Rock Assurance.” But don’t let this confuse you – even though New Hampshire policies are underwritten by Mt. Washington, customers enjoy the same great rates and services as our Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey customers.

In New Jersey

In New Jersey, Plymouth Rock Assurance offers personal and commercial auto insurance. In the summer of 2011, High Point Auto Insurance, Palisades Insurance and Teachers’ Insurance changed brand names to Plymouth Rock Assurance. All three auto insurance companies were already managed by Plymouth Rock, so this change was made simply to unify the brand and bolster the Plymouth Rock Assurance name.

In Pennsylvania

In 2017, Plymouth Rock Assurance expanded into Pennsylvania, offering personal auto insurance as well as homeowners and renters insurance. We’ve simplified the buying process and are pleased to offer unique insurance coverages catering to the busy lives of consumers. Whether you want to work with our network of local, trusted agents, or contact us directly, we make the process of protecting what matters most to you, easy.

United As One

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a unified brand across its operating states. Our commitment to excellent service is uniform and steadfast, with Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Pennsylvania each receiving equal attention and care. We’ve garnered a community of some of the most loyal policyholders and independent agents in the industry and look forward to providing our customers with more than just insurance for years to come. 

You can look at further information about who we are and why you should choose Plymouth Rock. Read the Pledge of Assurance we offer to customers or learn about the awards we have won, our management, and community involvement.

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