A smiling Plymouth Rock customer with her car being worked on in the background by a mechanic

What Customers Say About Our Service and Insurance

Plymouth Rock Assurance customers often express their satisfaction with our outstanding level of customer service. In fact, we consistently receive high marks for customer and claims satisfaction. We don’t get all this praise by accident. We shoot for the “wow” factor with each and every interaction, and back it all up with our Pledge of Assurance customer service commitment.

What you’ll find below are 100% real insurance testimonials from actual customers. You can read about experiences they’ve had with our customer solutions team, our insurance rates, buying their policy, claims handling and online service. Take a peek — you’ll see why more than a half-million customers trust us for their insurance protection.

Claims Assistance and Testimonials

We could tell you why we think we offer the best auto insurance all day long—from the many ways you can save, to stress-free claims assistance, and more. But we’ll let our customers do that. Look at some of the testimonials below to see what customers are saying about Plymouth Rock.

“Awesome service and quotes. Very happy.”


“I received an excellent quote and decided to go with Plymouth Rock.”

“Thank you for your low quotes! Better than any other insurance company!”

“The rates are reasonable and the person I spoke with was very helpful and pleasant.”

“The rates for Plymouth Rock are great. The representative was extremely helpful and very nice. My experience with Plymouth Rock is very good so far.”

“I would tell the President of Plymouth Rock that I am happy to be a new customer. Because of the price difference (I am saving about $2500 per year!), I would have been silly not to switch insurance companies.However, Heather Hargrove, the woman who helped me when I called Plymouth Rock, is a big part of why I am happy. She was friendly and helpful, advised but didn't pressure, and made me feel very comfortable with the switch. Because of her, I will definitely recommend this insurance company to my friends and colleagues.”

“Melissa Larkin was a terrific sales rep. Although I intended to seek at least three quotes before choosing the insurer for my new car, I decided to go with PR's good rate and believe that Melissa's attentive customer service expresses your company's prioritization of customer care. How refreshing!”

“My representative was great. The rates are great, you would be crazy not to switch to Plymouth Rock!”

“Thank you for having the most reasonable insurance quote, and a very knowledgeable staff. I was having some difficulty in finding a quote that would work with my budget. That was until I did a free quote on your website. In the future I hope that there will be more saving opportunities for current policy holders, because many companies tend to focus most of the savings on new customers, but I believe I made the right choice with choosing you guys for my car insurance. Thank you.”

“The representative reached out to me very quickly and sold me on the company in a big way! I was very happy with the price quote and payment options. I truly believe customer service is extremely important when it comes to sales and my sales rep was definitely a reflection of that. Great job Plymouth Rock!”

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