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04/02/2019: Digital transformation and innovation at Plymouth Rock

Today, customer service is all about choice and innovation and the increasingly competitive insurance sector is no exception.


04/22/2015: Study Reveals Texting While Driving Increasing on New Jersey Roads

An annual study released yesterday by Plymouth Rock Assurance in conjunction with Distracted Driving Awareness Month shows the highest percentage of New Jersey drivers surveyed in the poll’s three-year history admitting to texting while driving.

02/25/2015: This winter proves to be busy season for adjusters

Bob Silvia pulled into the driveway of a wood-shingled Melrose home last week, and his eyes immediately darted toward the roof. He noted the barn-like slope, the snow pooled in the center, and finally the lip, swollen with ice, all the obvious signs of a bruising winter.

01/11/2015: President & CEO Chris Olie Talks About The Past, Present and Future of Plymouth Rock Assurance

Founded in 1984 by former Commissioner of Insurance James “Jim” Stone, Plymouth Rock is the result of one man’s vision in wanting to create a company more in tune with its customers and independent agents. In 2014, the Boston-based insurer celebrated its 30th anniversary in the Commonwealth.


10/28/2014: IDEAS UMass Boston Conference Celebrates 10 Years of Ideas Wednesday

Plymouth Rock sponsors the IDEAS UMass Boston Conference, which brings innovators and leading thinkers in science, the arts, technology and business together to showcase the innovation happening in Boston.

06/08/2014: Seven things you should know about Chris Olie

Plymouth Rock Assurance, a Massachusetts automobile insurer, marks its 30th year in business in 2014. Chief executive Chris Olie spoke to Globe reporter Deirdre Fernandes about his move to the Boston area five years ago and how a less-regulated auto insurance industry in Massachusetts has transformed the company.


06/16/2013: Jersey drivers admit to shaving, drinking, reading newspapers behind the wheel

Twelve percent of those polled by Plymouth Rock Assurance said they have tried to drive while doing personal grooming such as shaving, applying makeup or combing or brushing their hair.

05/30/2013: Are You Distracted While Driving?

The Plymouth Rock Assurance auto insurance group study finds approximately 50 percent of passengers polled have asked a driver to stop texting while the car was in motion, and nearly a third have attempted to alert the driver of another vehicle to stop texting.

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