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Snow Day Survival Tips that Are Borderline Genius

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Are you feeling restless, unmotivated, irritable and on edge after days of being cooped up indoors? If so, you may be suffering from cabin fever. Staying inside is sometimes unavoidable, but with this list of snow day survival tips, you’ll be beating the winter blues in no time.

1 Refresh Your Home

Rearrange your furniture, paint an accent wall, organize your bookcase, sort through clothing to be donated or put away that giant pile of Christmas gifts in the corner. Utilize this free time to tackle that chore or home improvement project you’ve been putting off. Completing even the smallest task can make your time indoors much more enjoyable.

2 Host a Get Together

Stay social this winter without leaving the house. Bake some cookies, put on a pot of stew or chili and light a fire. Make an upbeat playlist and break out the party games or a deck of cards. Or pop some popcorn and host a movie marathon.

3 Plan Your Summer Vacation Now

Book a trip to a warm destination so you’ll have something to look forward to during these dreary days. If you don’t have the time or budget to travel, go online and research upcoming summer events or fun day trips in your area. Dreaming of warmer days ahead will instantly put you in a better mindset.  

4 Get Crafty

If you have children, get creative by making your own play dough or homemade rainbow soap. Recycle last summer’s t-shirts by crafting these easy-to-make friendship bracelets. Even adults can have a blast with arts and crafts. Soothe chapped winter hands with this recipe for a heavenly-scented Whipped Peppermint Cream Hand Scrub. Spruce up your kitchen with this whimsical Kitchen Wall Art, or make these Unbelievably Easy Paper Beads for yourself or as a gift. Download free coloring pages for children or adults.

5 Take an Online Course

Have you always dreamed of writing a novel, learning to speak a foreign language or mastering the guitar? Instead of napping out of boredom, use your time wisely by enrolling in an online class or watching YouTube tutorials, where you’ll find topics ranging from coding to cooking to home renovations. Best of all, many sites offer low-cost or no-cost classes, including lessons from leading universities. 

6 Go Outdoors

Going for a brisk 15-minute walk is an instant mood lifter, not to mention it can get your creativity flowing and boost your metabolism. If the forecast calls for hours or days of snow, head outside and shovel every couple of hours before it accumulates and freezes. But first, check out these snow-shoveling safety tips. While you’re out there, build a snowman or snow fort, or have a good old-fashioned snowball fight. 

Oversleeping or getting too much mindless screen time can make you feel more lethargic. Make the most of this time by being active, productive and having fun, whether you’re alone or with loved ones.