Pet Summer Safety

Dog drinking water out of plastic bowl on lawn in the summer

Summer’s more fun with a four-legged friend! But factors like heat and humidity can cause a number of health risks for your pet. So before enjoying all the season has to offer, check out these pet summer safety tips.

summer pet safety tips infographic, including storm prep and water safety

How Can I Keep My Pet Safe in the Summer?

Watch for Heat-Related Hazards:

  • Never, ever leave your pet unattended in the car. The temperature can rise to over 100 degrees in just a matter of minutes. Plus it’s even illegal in some states.
  • Hot pavement or sand can burn your pet’s paws and lead to overheating. Try walking your dog in the morning or evening when it may be cooler.
  • Pets can get sunburn just like us! Apply a pet-safe sunblock to spots where hair is sparse. Give special care to ears, nose and bellies on dogs, and ears and around eyes on cats.
  • Provide plenty of cool, fresh water. This goes for drinking, and even for taking a quick dip!

Avoid These Outdoor Dangers:

  • Never leave pets unattended at the beach, lake or pool. When boating, use a pet life jacket.
  • Avoid exposure to products containing harmful chemicals such as insecticides, fertilizers, certain sunscreens and citronella candles.
  • While your dog probably wouldn’t complain, you and your guests shouldn’t share the BBQ food. It could be toxic to pets or give them digestive issues. Bones can splinter and be a choking hazard for pets.

Beware of Other Risks:

  • When traveling with your pet, use a secured crate, harness system or pet safety belt.
  • Prep for summer storms by creating a pet disaster kit that has enough food, clean water and medications to last about five days.
  • Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, which carry heartworm disease, are much more prevalent in the summer. Treat your pet with preventative flea, tick and heartworm medicine, and check them regularly with a flea comb.

Is It Worth Getting Pet Insurance?

We do our best to keep our furry family members safe. But if they becomes sick or injured, vet bills can add up — sometimes costing thousands of dollars. Rather than paying for your pet’s medical expenses out of pocket, investing in a pet insurance plan can help cover the costs of future routine and emergency veterinary bills. That’s why Plymouth Rock has teamed up with Figo*, a private pet insurance provider, to offer you comprehensive pet health protection for your dog or cat.

How to Purchase Figo Pet Health Coverage

Choose from these convenient options:

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  • Call us directly at 833-857-5848.
  • Get an online quote.

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