How To Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter

woman walking with dog on snow covered trail

Between salty sidewalks, frigid temperatures and natural disasters, wintertime can really take a toll on our four-legged family members. Keep them safe with these pet-friendly winter tips.

Look Under the Hood
Warm engines can attract cats and other small animals seeking shelter from the cold. Try banging on your hood before starting your engine — you could potentially save a life.

Paw Patrol
Check your pet’s paws after walking them outdoors and wipe away any salt.

Be Alert
Be on the lookout for signs of hypothermia, which  include shivering or shaking, whining and sluggish or anxious behavior.

Sweater Weather
Make sure your pets are warm enough outside. Play dress up with cozy sweaters and coats. Then, post a photo of your fur baby on Plymouth Rock’s Facebook page!

Stay Indoors
Keep cats and dogs inside in extreme cold. If you’re worried about feral and neighborhood cats without home, consider providing dry, well-insulated shelter.

Prep for Storms
Create a pet disaster kit that has food, clean water and any medications to last for about five days.

Get Cozy
Provide warm beds and blankets for naps. Better yet, join your pet for nap time!

Limit Car Travel
Whether the weather is hot, frigid or even mild, it’s never a good idea to leave your pet alone in a car.

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