Plymouth Rock Acquires Palisades Insurance

Outdoor building with Plymouth Rock Assurance sign

Palisades Insurance is now part of Plymouth Rock Assurance, and its auto insurance business has moved under the Plymouth Rock brand.

With the Palisades insurance company switch to Plymouth Rock, customers in New Jersey can enjoy first-class coverage, superior service and all the insurance savings that Plymouth Rock has to offer.

You’ll have local agents always looking out for your best interests. Tell them what’s important, and they’ll tailor your coverage to get you the right protection at the right price.

The right price includes plenty of discounts to help you save. Bundle policies, go paperless or pay your premium upfront.

When it comes to service, Plymouth Rock operates on your terms. Have a question about claims, product or billing? We’re always standing by to help. Manage everything insurance-related right from your phone.

Palisades insurance company moving under the Plymouth Rock brand means you get more than just insurance, like a $50 rideshare reimbursement if you’re not feeling safe to drive home. You get sports programs with special perks for fans. There are also safe driving programs to save you money and earn you rewards, all while making our roads safer.

With Plymouth Rock, you’re getting a different kind of insurance company. It’s people helping people. Putting your safety and well-being first. It’s us making your life a little easier.

For customers looking to learn more about Plymouth Rock, contact your local agent, start a quote or call 855-993-4470 today.

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