YUBI from Plymouth Rock Assurance

Plymouth Rock's YUBI® program

If you're a good driver, Plymouth Rock's YUBI® program can potentially help you earn significant savings on your auto insurance. That means safe driving saves you money!

What is YUBI?

YUBI is Plymouth Rock’s approach to usage based insurance and stands for Your Usage Based Insurance. Usage based insurance is an insurance product that can earn you a discount based on your actual driving behavior.

How does YUBI work?

Usually, car insurance rates are determined by using historical data related to people who may have similar characteristics as you. With YUBI, you’ll get a personalized insurance rate based on your own driving habits. That means your safer driving leads to a better personalized insurance rate for you.

How do I enroll in YUBI?

Enroll in YUBI when you purchase your Plymouth Rock New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut auto policy. Find out more by watching the video below and start saving today!

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Learn more about YUBI

Note: YUBI is currently only available to new customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

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