Online Services Technical Information

Minimum System Requirements for Electronic Transactions

There is no specific software required to access Plymouth Rock’s Online services, but we do officially support certain browsers and operating systems. Aside from that, all you need is a computer, internet connection, and document reader. If you will want to print or save your documents, you’ll also need system memory on your device and a printer.
Although we do not require you to have any specific software, we do recommend that you use one of the following internet browsers:
Chrome Version 63 and Higher
Safari Version 10.1 and Higher
Firefox Version 52.0 and Higher

We recommend the following operating systems for optimal site performance:
Windows XP and Higher
Mac OS Yosemite and Higher
Chrome OS Version 57 and Higher
Android Version 6.01 and Higher
iOS Version 10.3 and Higher

We recommend the following document reader:
Adobe Reader: Versions differ by Operating System/Device Type