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Flood Insurance

Plymouth Rock has teamed up with Neptune Flood, a private flood insurance provider, to offer you comprehensive flood protection. Sold through our independent agents, Neptune Flood coverage provides everything that’s in FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) – and more.

Why You Need Neptune Flood Coverage

Flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the U.S., affecting homes in every state. Standard home insurance policies cover the home and its contents for water damage caused by things like a broken pipe or water coming through the roof, but they exclude water damage that results from rising water.

Neptune Flood coverage will take care of that. It’ll protect your home and belongings from damage caused by flood water.

The Neptune Flood Advantage

Neptune Flood offers a lot more than just the same coverage as the NFIP.


Neptune Flood


Dwelling Limits

$2 million


Contents Limits



Additional Coverage Options

  • Basement contents
  • Swimming pool repair/refill
  • Temporary living expenses
  • Detached structures on property (shed, pool house, etc.)

Not available

Quoting Process

Only takes two minutes

Lengthy; multiple questions

Certificates and Photos

Not required

Required, slow and expensive


Flood insurance products offered and underwritten by Neptune Flood. Actual coverage is subject to the language in the Neptune Flood policy. Terms and conditions apply. Plymouth Rock Assurance® and Plymouth Rock® are brand names and service marks used by separate companies that write and manage property and casualty insurance in multiple states pursuant to licensing arrangements. Each company is a separate legal entity that is financially responsible only for its own insurance products. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued by each separate company. Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, features, and benefits are not available in all states. To view all state licensed insurance companies, click States Licensed & Disclaimers.