Plymouth Rock’s Home Business Surpasses $250 Million in Premiums

As homeowners and independent agents increasingly seek home insurance carriers with digitally-led customer experiences, @Home™ gains momentum

BOSTON – February 5, 2021 – Plymouth Rock Assurance, the customer-first, data-driven home insurance provider of choice for the Northeast, announced that its home business has surpassed $250 million in premium. This marks a tripling in the size of Plymouth Rock Assurance’s home business since Plymouth Rock expanded its property insurance offering in 2016. Plymouth Rock’s growth was then turbocharged through the launch of its @Home™ product in late 2019, an industry-first innovation.   

Historically, the process of obtaining a home insurance quote and purchasing a policy has been lengthy and confusing, often discouraging homeowners to shop around for a new policy. In fact, a recent Plymouth Rock study found that more than 50% of U.S. homeowners haven’t shopped for home insurance in the past three years. This is unfortunate as the longer homeowners go without reviewing their policy, the more they’re at risk for overpaying or not getting the coverage they need. 

@Home™ modernizes the traditional home insurance quoting and buying process using innovations that provide fast quotes for virtually every home address in the six states in which Plymouth Rock operates. In most states, the address alone is all an agent or consumer needs to obtain a quote and coverage options can be customized based on individual needs. Beyond a superior customer experience, customers can feel secure working with a company that has over 35 years of experience writing and managing home and auto insurance.

In addition to its innovations in the quoting and buying process, over the last year Plymouth Rock has continued to make strategic investments in technology that enhance the customer experience for its policyholders. From underwriting self-inspections that don’t require an inspector visit or claims tools that allow a homeowner to submit evidence of a claim without the need of an on-site adjuster, Plymouth Rock Assurance has continued to put the needs of its customers first. 

Between 2016 and 2020, Plymouth Rock Assurance’s home business has experienced tremendous growth, with a 25% increase in premium, 7x increase in the number of home insurance policies sold and over 8x increase in number of agents.  In addition, between 2019 and 2020, Plymouth Rock Assurance increased its new homeowner policy sales by 48%, due to the convenience and reliability of @Home™.

Plymouth Rock Assurance’s momentum also extends into the independent agent community, as agents have benefited from the user-friendly platform. “The Plymouth Rock @Home product has allowed for significant growth of our business through a user-friendly platform with one of the easiest quoting engines on the market. Our agents can get a customer a quote in less than 5 minutes. By keeping the system easy to use for agents – who are often hampered by carrier quoting – Plymouth Rock has shown that they care about our channel, our clients and our team. It’s a win/win for both the carrier and the agencies,” said Dave Robinson, President and CEO, RogersGray Insurance Agency.

“Plymouth Rock Assurance’s remarkable growth in home insurance premium certainly came from the ease in which homeowners can purchase a policy through @Home™. But more than anything, it was generated by the people – the more than 2,400 agents across six states that we work with, and the 80 new employees that have joined our team since 2016. We look forward to doing even more impressive work for our customers and agents in the years to come,” said Bill Martin, CEO and President, Plymouth Rock Home Assurance Corporation.

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