Plymouth Rock Home Assurance Corporation Launches Innovative Digital Tools for Agents

Suite of tools continues to innovate the home insurance quoting and buying process  

BOSTON – May 18, 2021 – Plymouth Rock Home Assurance Corporation, the customer-first, data-driven home insurance provider of choice for the Northeast, has released several new digital tools to further simplify the quoting and buying process for independent agents and their customers. Launched in 2019, @Home™ modernizes the traditional home insurance quoting and buying process using a suite of digital tools. These @Home™ innovations provide fast quotes for virtually every home address in the six states where Plymouth Rock operates.

One of the newest tools benefitting both agents and their customers is Text to Quote. Text to Quote allows a prospective customer to receive a quote through their mobile device by sending a text to an agent. Once a quote is received via text, the prospective customer is prompted to connect with the agent to discuss their insurance needs. Text to Quote is part of Plymouth Rock’s focus on enabling agents to reach customers via their preferred mode of communication.

The @Home™ suite of digital tools highlights the company’s ongoing investment in technologies that improve the user experience for independent agents and their clients. A common theme among the tools is better customer service through the automation of routine tasks. As a result, agents can provide immediate quotes and are able to customize coverage options based on individual needs in a matter of minutes.

“Our independent agent community and their customers have continued to find value from the user-friendly platform we’ve built to deliver a fast and easy homeowners insurance quoting and buying experience. @Home uses leading edge data and technology to do the legwork behind the scenes, allowing agents to focus the conversation with customers on coverage,” said Sarah Cook, Chief Marketing Officer, Plymouth Rock Home Assurance Corporation. “Now, we’re enhancing this experience to offer digital tools that match the way many people prefer to operate in their everyday lives— from anywhere through their mobile devices.”

The @Home™ suite of tools gives agents the freedom to build relationships with their customers. In addition to Text to Quote, agents can leverage the following:

  • API for @Home Quotes – The Automated Programming Interface (API) gives agents instant access to thousands of free Plymouth Rock quotes based on the criteria they select. Agents can then send these quotes to prospects, producer lists and agent partners such as mortgage brokers, real estate agents or business HR departments.
  • @Home Browser Extension – Agents need an easy way to cross-sell home when they’re talking to a customer about another topic. By clicking on the Plymouth Rock browser extension, the agent can instantly generate a quote and then email it to the customer.
  • @Home Instant Quote Banner – This tool places a Plymouth Rock quote banner right on an agent’s website, allowing customers to get an immediate quote on their own. After choosing one of three base packages, customers are then directed to a selection of @Home’s optional coverages. It’s 24×7 quoting capability that’s faster and easier than the large carriers. 

“We launched @Home™ in one state in 2017.  The immediate quote and fast purchase revolutionized the traditional home insurance shopping and buying process,” said Bill Martin, CEO and President, Plymouth Rock Home Assurance Corporation. “Insurers too often use technology and data to help them increase profit margins rather than give customers more reasons to buy from them.  Now, we’re taking it a step further by offering tools to make the process even simpler, more efficient and even more data-driven. We’re not going to stop now.  We take pride in the long-standing industry knowledge and financial strength we offer agents and customers coupled with the nimble and innovative approach we take to ensure the best insurance experience.”

Between 2016 and 2020, Plymouth Rock’s home business has experienced tremendous growth, tripling its premium, and with a 7x increase in the number of home insurance policies sold, over 8x increase in number of agents and 10x increase in quotes. In addition, between 2019 and 2020, Plymouth Rock doubled its home policy sales due to the convenience and reliability of @Home™.

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